About a year ago, Supply Chain Matters provided our readers a perspective on specialized SAP focused systems integrator firm Intrigo Systems, and how that firm was helping to accelerate value for existing SAP APO customers. We experienced quite a lot of reader interest and uptake on our commentary. In the specific area of broader SAP APO adoption and business value, Intrigo has been deploying its Optek tool suite for SAP APO planning needs since 2009.  The suite consists of modules designed to place the planner more in control of the process while making SAP APO functionally more effective.

At the recent Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, we managed to catch-up with Intrigo CEO Padman Ramunkutty, a colorful and well known recognized SAP APO expert. In full disclosure, this Editor has known Padman for many years and I value his perspectives on supply chain planning and software technology trends.  In fact, during a networking break at the conference, we managed to simultaneously speak with not only Padman, but also Sanjiv Sidhu, past founder of the former i2 Technologies, and now Chairmen and Co-founder of 09 Solutions. Indeed, two icons of supply chain planning with enormous perspectives of how planning software has progressed.

In our conversation, Padman reminded this Editor that in addition to our Supply Chain Matters recognition of Optek’s value over a year ago, Gartner has recently recognized Intrigo as a “Cool Vendor” in Supply Chain Planning for 2015, specifically citing Optek as an extension for SAP APO as an means for leveraging value for existing investments.  In a March 31 Gartner report, key findings included the following: “Supply chain leaders need to find ways of leveraging their existing investments in their quest to improve supply chain performance.”

Thus, we are pleased that Gartner has now also recognized Intrigo Systems as a “Cool Vendor”.

Bob Ferrari