Last week’s incident involving the container ship El Faro and its encounter with a Category Four hurricane has surely touched and saddened our supply chain community.

The ship departed Jacksonville Florida on its scheduled route to San Juan Puerto Rico and was apparently sunk by the effects of Hurricane Joaquin. According to various reports, the 33 member crew ranged in age from early twenties to over 50.  Only one deceased crew member has been found to date, along with some minor floating pieces of the ship.

Yesterday, the United States Coast Guard, after searching for six days, halted its search for any additional survivors, indicating that after its exhaustive search, it is unlikely that any of the crew members could have survived in open water.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those family members whose loved ones were lost in this tragedy.

We often take for granted the risks taken every day by mariners, cargo plane pilots, truckers, and all those who transport goods, large and small in order to support industry supply chain needs.

Thank you all for the work you do.