During this week, this Editor has been attending the 2019 Open Text Enterprise World customer conference being held here in Toronto. OpenText Enterprise World Conference

In the many enterprise and supply chain management focused tech conferences that we have attended over the years, there is often the usual flurry of conference associated announcements, whether product or alliance related, including those related to strategic partnerships. Some such announcements are interesting, subject to follow-up, some are just the creation of tech industry buzz, while few are what we deem to be very meaningful for the technology customer community.

This week, OpenText and Google announced a strategic partnership, one which we believe if totally consummated will have significant implications on Enterprise Information Management, Cloud-based integration and B2B supply chain network related technology. The announcement was jointly delivered by OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea and Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud, Kevin Ichhpurani, during the conference opening keynote.

Seven months after announcing their initial strategic partnership, OpenText and Google Cloud announced the launching of new product integrations in a number of areas:

OpenText intends to leverage Google Cloud’s multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud offering, Anthos, to deploy and manage containerized EIM application workloads in a multi-cloud environment. OpenText further announced the general availability of containerized versions of several EIM applications including Content Server, Extended ECM, Documentum, InfoArchive and Archive Center on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

OpenText further intends to utilize Google Cloud to enable multi-layered global disaster recovery services for customers with business-critical EIM workloads running in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid cloud architectures. The tech provider further intends to integrate its portfolio of products with G Suite allowing a seamless experience of using G Suite with various EIM activities.

Further announced are intentions to integrate with key Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services from Google to create purpose-built applications for specific industries as well as overall value add to the existing OpenText EIM Suite of products.



To help understand the implications of this announcement, consider that many of our Supply Chain Matters readers, those that are not customers or connected participants in the OpenText B2B Business Network Trading Grid, readers may not be fully aware of OpenText’s broader technology presence, especially SAP technology users.

Behind the scenes of many existing SAP business applications, OpenText serves as the prime integrator of electronic business documents that exchanged and stored in such applications. That include documents such as purchase orders, supplier contracts, invoices, certifications and others.

At this year’s SAP Sapphire customer conference, both companies announced an expanded strategic relationship to extend EIM integration among all SAP’s Intelligent Suite on SAP Cloud Platform applications to include S4/HANA Cloud, C4/HANA Cloud, SAP Success Factors and other SAP Cloud applications. As the speakers clearly emphasized, SAP users cannot see where OpenText starts and end, because the technology runs in the background in integrating structured and unstructured information among the various applications. It serves as the utility that integrates singular information among multiple Cloud-based applications. The expanded SAP partnership expands EIM integration to digitized Capture and Document Generation across multiple SAP Cloud platforms.

OpenText’s EIM integration is not just limited to SAP applications, but also currently includes Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office 365, and other applications technology suites.

In other words, the OpenText brand may not be widely recognized, but the technology’s presence is widely known in IT landscapes.

With the addition of Google’s multi-Cloud Anthos capabilities, and the incorporation of Google’s deep AI and machine-learning algorithms and technology, OpenText’s cognitive and deep analytics capabilities have the potential to take on far broader and deeper reach.

At first take, the partnership has the potential to provide both OpenText and Google a significant presence in Cloud to Cloud or multi-Cloud technology and applications landscapes with far reaching broader industry implications. That will likely include B2B or B2C Supply and Customer Demand network platforms, including the OpenText Business Network Trading Grid platform.

Supply Chain Matters will provide further coverage and analysis of the implications of this week’s Enterprise World conference in subsequent blog commentary.

Suffice to note that a technology conference held during the second week of July does not necessarily be non-eventful.


Bob Ferrari

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