For the past six weeks, this author has been penning a series of three ongoing commentaries on the Infosys Supply Chain Management Blog regarding the 2012 holiday buying season, and the lessons to be learned from this year’s activity.  Both traditional and online retailers have experienced a period where some new business process methods have been successful while others reinforce added learning for the coming months in years.

In my third commentary, The Learning from the 2012 Holiday Buying Season: Balanced Investments in Online and Physical Supply Chain Fulfillment Capabilities, I note that the overall headline for 2012 will most likely be one of selective retailer profitability to those that were able to effectively weight and tailor investments in online sales and marketing program and selective promotions with sophisticated inventory management, demand sensing and overcoming customer fulfillment needs.

Those readers residing in retail supply chains are welcomed to share their own observations regarding the learning obtained in 2012.

Bob Ferrari