In an earlier post, Green Supply Chain Mandates- Have We Learned Anything?, I noted my view that more timely progress can be made in achieving progress in green supply chain in an atmosphere of win-win collaboration, vs. a mandate on supplier conformance.  A recent article in Purchasing Magazine, titled General Motors extends early lead in developing green supply chain, provides what I believe one excellent example of tackling a green supply chain initiative in a collaborative environment.

The article notes that GM began its efforts in 2003, working with the EPA to create the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment.  This partnership has two stated goals, to provide benefits for the environment, and to provide benefits for both GM and its suppliers.  A supplier environmental advisory board was created, which included select GM Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, where initiatives were explored related to energy reduction for both suppliers and GM facilities. A GM Director of chemical risk management indicates that suppliers have cases studies indicating potential savings of several million dollars.  Since initial formation, North American OEM’s Chrysler and Ford have joined this partnership, along with other Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers.  Success of the original partnership has led to the Green Suppliers Network to expand the concept to other industries.

From time to time, I will highlight more examples of forward looking initiatives.