We wanted to call Supply Chain Matters reader attention to a recent video appearance of Founder and Executive Editor, Bob Ferrari.

Technology influencer Vinnie Mirchandani hosts the Analyst Cam Burning Platform video series that features invited guest analysts knowledgeable in disruptive trends and economics related to technology.

The 39th Episode which is tiled: Supply Chains, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, features supply chain technology industry analyst and Supply Chain Matters blog founder Bob Ferrari. The episode is a continuing conversation related to supply chain challenges and opportunities. This is Bob’s second appearance in the series, the other being in December of 2020, after a year of COVID-19 impacts on global supply chains.

Topics of discussion in this episode include a wide-ranging conversation around supply chains – the challenges in the semiconductor sector, the chaos at the California ports, and the ongoing labor shortages. Additional areas of discussion include the scaling of micro-fulfillment and last mile delivery, whether viewers can anticipate large amounts of manufacturing moving onshore, why the Panama Canal widening may drive a lot more traffic to other North American ports, and why the trend of direct-to-consumer is likely to accelerate.

Further topics touched upon include shifts in supply chain philosophies – away from lowest cost to resiliency focus and from just in time to just in case. Sustainability impacts on supply chains, and technology impacts in automation areas provide further conversation.

The video can be viewed from this specific Deal Architect blog web link.


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