A FedEx cargo plane enroute from Guangzhou China was involved in a fiery crash while attempting to land at Narita International Airport in Tokyo. Reports indicate that the two pilots of the aircraft were both reported to have perished in this accident.


Dramatic video footage of the crash was captured by Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK TV, and also featured on the BBC web site.  It shows a rather difficult landing, with the plane taking a violent bounce and crashing in a fire ball.  Conditions at the airport were reported as extremely windy with gale force winds.  The accident occurred at about 0650 local time on Monday, March 23rd.  


Our thoughts are first to express our deep sympathies with  the families of the victims. No doubt, this is certainly a tragedy for FedEx and its employees as well.


It was also not clear at the time of this posting, what were the contents of the cargo onboard this aircraft.  We will post more specifics when they become known.


Bob Ferrari