B2B cloud-based network provider E2open reached a significant milestone today with the announced availability of E2 Planning and Response version 11.2 which includes enhanced supply chain planning capabilities including “what-if” scenario and simulation planning, network planning visualization and analytics. 

Readers will recall that in late July of last year, the supply chain planning technology market was stunned by the announcement that Icon-SCM, a German based private provider of supply chain rapid planning and simulation capabilities, and a preferred partner to SAP at the time, was acquired by E2open. At the time of this announcement, our Supply Chain Matters commentary opined that with the addition of Icon-SCM and its vision of network-wide rapid planning and simulation, the product roadmap for E2open would vastly accelerate in the areas of advanced supply chain planning. Today’s announcement represents a significant step in that direction. 

It is further evidence that the technology community is hearing your desire to provide a B2B network that provides support capabilities well beyond supplier connectivity, visibility and basic collaboration. The ability for a cloud-based provider to incorporate responsive planning, what-if and simulation capabilities, coupled with collaborative execution brings customers far closer to the ability to enable supply chain control towers supported by deeper, predictive and more informed supply chain wide decision-making capabilities.

Readers familiar with Icon-SCM will probably recognize the augmented capabilities included in the latest E2open release. That includes in-memory creation and comparison of planning scenarios, the ability to perform multiple what-if simulations of various product demand and supply situations, a configurable planning cockpit with drill-down capabilities to analyze exceptions or alerts.  The new release further provides a certified SAP adapter to provide proven connectivity with SAP data sources and hubs.

Our belief is that this latest release is one of others to follow that will add even more supply chain predictive planning and business intelligence support capabilities and it will be interesting to observe the market uptake as E2open begins to compete more directly with existing supply chain planning and execution providers. This will afford manufacturers and brand owners enhanced opportunities to align direct procurement, supplier based management, customer fulfillment and logistics capabilities on a single network, perhaps far sooner than any existing ERP provider.

Bob Ferrari

Disclosure: E2open is a sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog.