We are once again pleased to announce to our Supply Chain Matters readers that E2open, Inc., a provider of strategic, cloud-based software solutions for collaborative planning and execution across global networks, is a continuing Sustaining-level sponsor of this blog for 2014. We are pleased that this innovative technology provider has elected to associate E2open_logo_350x53itself with the ongoing global supply chain-focused thought leadership being provided by Supply Chain Matters.

Today’s global supply chains are far more complex with fast moving business events. They need the ability to foster more responsive and timely decisions across the extended supply chain with the context of these decisions grounded in customer, operational and/or financial priorities. Supply Chain Matters has continually advocated that one of the better means for industry supply chains to enable more responsive capabilities is in leveraging capabilities of an end-to-end B2B platform that connects the bulk of value-chain processes.

As a premiere B2B network provider, E2open provides cloud-based, on-demand software solutions enabling enterprises to bring collaborative planning and execution to the global trading network. This provider has appropriately adopted its singular marketing tag line to be: “Helping to manage the demand you can’t predict and supply you don’t control.” Today, the E2open Business Network includes upwards of 37,000 trading partners and over 117,000 users.

Collaborative execution is the ability of all partners in a global trading network to work together to continually resolve real or potential problems with the right information, faster, and more profitably. E2open helps brand owners develop a competency in collaborative execution, accelerating success across a number of key business initiatives and supply chain processes, including S&OP, new product introduction, consolidated global procurement, VMI, parts shortage management, risk management, and supply chain control tower.  With the acquisition of Icon-SCM in 2013, E2open has now added enhanced supply chain planning capabilities including “what-if” scenario and simulation planning, network planning visualization and analytics with the availability of E2 Planning and Response Version 11.2. That has positioned this end-to-end network provider to be able to support supply chain control tower capabilities for customers.

E2open customers include Avnet, Canon, Cisco, Embraer, IBM, Hewlett Packard, HTC, Foxconn, L’Oréal, Lenovo, Land O’Lakes, LSI, Pratt and Whitney, Seagate, Vodafone, and many others.  The company  is headquartered in Foster City, California with operations worldwide.

If your organization has needs related to overcoming existing systems and communication barriers, unifying suppliers and trading partners with common information, or multi-tier process orchestration, we recommend you place E2open on your short list.

For more information, click on the E2open logo in our blog sponsorship panel.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor