In the spirit of passing along career tips to our millennial generation readers, we call attention to a recent report of recruiting trends in the fashion retail industry.

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported on current retail industry recruiting trends which reflect much of what our consultancy has advocated for some time, namely those efforts to manage brick and mortar stores and online business processes are coming together and that foundational supply chain management knowledge is becoming a necessity, along with other in-demand skills.

Specifically, the report notes that “e-commerce is driving the bus” across retail channels with a growing need for online merchandising managers, the online counterpart to a similar position in store divisions. Noted is that the website has to drive traffic to the store and the store has to similarly drive added traffic to the website. Requirements for online merchandising talent are described as a candidate’s market right now, with compensation levels currently ranging from $90,000-$100,000.

Qualified candidates are described as having to know search-engine optimization techniques and must further understand logistics and supply chain management. Career progression is noted as positions of either director of e-commerce where the recruiter describes a current environment of more jobs than candidates. At the director level, knowledge of supply chain management practices becomes even more essential and is described as: “everything it takes from the customer pushing the click button to buy something to delivering the package.”

We would add that this requirement is now manifested itself into the ongoing poaching of senior e-commerce and supply chain management talent from online providers such as Amazon, which recently occurred at Target as well as other retailers.

People and change management skills are also manifested as a current in-demand requirement:

Companies are looking for people who are entrepreneurial. ”Influential continues to be a key word for my clients,” she said. “They want people to have opinions, make a case, and present their ideas clearly.”

Thus, if you are considering a career in retail management, it would be wise to acquire foundational knowledge in logistics and supply chain management and specific knowledge and experience in search-engine optimization (SEO) techniques.