Despite media hype, the Doomsday prediction of Harold Camping did not occur Saturday evening in the United States, as was predicted.  Thank goodness, since we still have conferences to attend and reports to generate.

There was however some activity of concern to global supply chains.

We just posted news that a fire and explosion occurred at the Foxconn Chengdu China production facility on Friday evening, a facility that produces Apple iPad2 tablets.  Reports indicate that two workers were killed and 16 were injured, three seriously.  Apple fans may be concerned about that news.

There are reports yesterday and today of earthquakes hitting the Taiwan region, the heart of semiconductor fab and high tech electronics for global supply chains.  Focus Taiwan reports today that four earthquakes have hit the Hualien region this weekend, ranging from 3.5 to 4.8 magnitudes.

And if you are so inclined to add even more to your nervousness, in the United States Geological Society web site report of earthquakes that occurred in the last 7 days, namely greater than 2.5 magnitude in the U.S., or 4.5 magnitude worldwide, 42 earthquakes occurred on Saturday and 23 thus far on Sunday, bringing the weekend total to over 50.  The names of impacted regions include Alaska, California, Chile, China, Japan, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Alaska, all with some global supply chain potential impact.

In Iceland, a volcano eruption at Grimsvotn, is now spewing large ash clouds, has closed air traffic in that country, while enroute flights are being re-routed around Iceland.  With shades of last year, the spread of ash clouds could impact air travel within Europe later this week.

While the world did not end, the earth is indeed restless and supply chain disruption and risk events should always be on our minds, and in our continuity planning.