This author recently had the opportunity to provide some expert commentary regarding today’s supply chain software vendor landscape which Supply Chain Matters would like to highlight.

In the published SupplyChain24_7 article, Supply Chain Software’s Top 20, I observed that the leading supply chain management software vendors stand out on their ability to innovate, adapt and flex to constantly changing customer needs. They are constantly investing in their technology, investing in thought leadership and listening to customers.  Today’s software marketplace is undergoing its own set of significant changes, and buyers have become much more sophisticated and demanding. What differentiates leading-edge providers is their ability to provide customers the broader set of software deployment models they seek, including cloud-based, hosted, on-demand, private or public cloud support options. Why invest in up-front capital expense in software and IT infrastructure when there are different options for amortization of that expense in a cloud-based deployment?

The article further describes the new emphasis on supply chain analytics, risk management and control tower capabilities.

Over the coming weeks, Supply Chain Matters will be updating our readers on the progress that specific leading providers have made, so stay tuned.

Bob Ferrari