As a both a supply chain industry analyst and technology product marketing expert, I’ve seen my share of various software demonstrations that were designed to either be incorporated in the product marketing toolkit or help prospects and analysts understand the depth of functionality in a given software suite.  From my experience, these demo utilities can tend to be either too complex or detailed, to being too scripted and non-impressive.

As product marketing professionals, we can sometimes tend to concentrate too much time cycles in being impressed with the latest demo technology vs. spending time reflecting on the objective, cost and design needs of what a demo is suppose to accomplish.

When I occasionally come across a web-based demo that is impressive, I take notice.  That recently occurred when I viewed the latest demo featured on the MCA Solutions web site.

I was impressed with this demo because:

It is clear, concise and easy to understand and follow.

The length is just-right, between 4-5 minutes

It provided me an essence of the company, its capabilities, and the overall capabilities of the technology.

It included animated visuals which are pleasing to the eye.

It ended with a call to action and where to find additional information.

After viewing the MCA demo, I made it a point to speak with Tim Andreae, the very able Senior VP of Marketing of MCA.  Tim informed me that the demo itself was designed and implemented in less than four weeks, and the overall cost was rather reasonable, quite reasonable I might add.  Considerably less than the cost of designing, sponsoring and delivering a webcast to a broader audience.

The demo itself comes from Autodemo, and a visit to their website uncovers quite a list of technology-oriented customers.  If you need more specific information regarding the design and delivery of the demo, I’m sure Tim would be willing to share information.

Bob Ferrari

Disclosure: Neither MCA Solutions nor Autodemo have any financial association with this author, the Supply Chain Matters blog, or its parent company.