As our Supply Chain Matters readers can well imagine, we are often inundated with technology vendor announcements related to customer wins or technology deployments.  There are but a few that we elect to highlight and only if we believe that it will provide some key learning for our broad variety of industry supply chain readers.

Thus, we wanted to highlight today’s announcement from one enterprise contract management provider.

Icertis announced that global automotive and vehicle manufacturer Daimler AG recently went live with the Cloud-based application in what is described as record- time. We were informed that this deployment was characterized as 80 percent faster than Daimler’s historic software installations. A legacy Lotus Notes software technology supported the former contract management processes. The new Icertis-based application leverages the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and integrates to the auto manufacturer’s other backbone customer support systems. The new application also leverages cognitive analytics to speed the migration of contracts.

According to the announcement, Daimler identified a Cloud-based contract management application approach to be a foundational step in an overall digital transformation initiative to ensure agility and flexibility for contracting and sourcing of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and financial divisions on a global basis.

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal blog highlighted an interview with Daimler’s new chief information officer Jan Brecht. Noted were examples of Daimler’s initiatives related to analytics, quantum computing as a business tool and leveraging blockchain technology for business needs were moving to the mainstream, and that businesses must keep-up with such adoption. The CIO also addressed why emerging technology adoption is so important:

You need to become a lot more digital compared to the classic business model. Current emerging technologies will be mainstream technologies in the future, and that’s why you need to keep your competitive edge.”

I suppose we can all imagine the breadth and business-wide scope of software at a global automotive company such as Daimler. The manufacturer has many choices and with many sizes of technology providers. Thus, what caught our eye was yet another testimonial to the added flexibilities that Cloud-based software applications provide for all sizes of companies, big and small and in analytical and information intense areas such as customer contract management. In the end, speed of implementation, ease of use, protection of data and value for customers will always remain a key decision criteria.


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