The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights reports of a cyber-attack incident impacting a supplier to Toyota Motor and resulting in a one-day suspension of the automakers manufacturing operations across Japan.

Multiple published reports including that of The Japan Times indicate that as a result of a cyberattack involving a component supplier, Toyota Motor incurred a one-day suspension of domestic production across the company’s 28 Japan based production lines. The incident reportedly was acknowledged by plastic parts supplier Kojima Industries, who further indicated that threats and ransom demands were involved in the disruption of its systems. After calling in outside assistance, the supplier was able to restore operations in its systems linked to Toyota.

The impact is believed to involve the automaker’s output of upwards of 13,000 vehicles. It further comes as Toyota continues to manage ongoing disruptions involving the ongoing global shortage of semiconductor devices utilized in automobiles, and the January trucker blockade of the border between Canada and the United States that interrupted parts flow to the automakers U.S. plants.

Reportedly the attack came after Japan’s Ministry of the Economy warned the country’s businesses to ramp-up cyber countermeasures against such attacks, amid the geopolitical tensions now surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Yesterday, Fumio Kishida, Japan’s Prime Minister indicating that the government was directly investigating the incident and it too early to speculate as to origin.

The latest incident comes after continued reports of a significant cyberattack incident involving large-scale asset-light global transportation and logistics services provider Expeditors International that occurred on February 26. Reports relative to that incident indicate that the services provider continues to address efforts to restore its operational systems.

Indeed, this is a time for all global businesses and their supply chain management support to raise their diligence and response measures related to forms of cyber security. This is especially important for B2B operational systems that connect multiple companies and services providers which continue to be a target for cyber incidents.


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