CSCMP (The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) is launching for the first time ever, Supply Chain Professionals Appreciation Day on May 21, which calls for a month-long celebration.
Needless to state, Supply Chain Matters is all-in with supporting this effort, since that has been the genesis and fabric of this blog.
Plans call for the posting of videos, member testimonials and event highlights on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-In. The hashtag for posting is designated as #ThisIsSupplyChain for the entire month.
CSCMP has asked to spread the word, and thus we are doing just that.  MIT_SCALE_2015
We are further offering our platform as a supplemental means to help gain visibility to various supply chain professionals or respective teams.
If your organization has an interesting supply chain focused story that merits recognition, send it along or make us aware, and we would be pleased to amplify such recognition. We are especially interested in providing visibility to unsung or sometimes unappreciated supply chain teams with a compelling story-line. We can support recognition by either favoriting or re-tweeting social media activity or featuring your organization’s story directly on this blog.
Let us all collectively get on with this novel program and insure that supply chain professionals receive due recognition. For further information, readers can access CSCMP’s web site.
Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor