Manufacturers, retailers and technology providers can benefit from objective third-party advisory services of a highly experienced and knowledgeable supply chain industry analyst / consultant to seek consul on:

  • The industry or market competitiveness of a particular supply chain business process
  • An assessment against supply chain industry best practices
  • The selection of supply chain technology and development of vendor selection criteria
  • Negotiating a software license or services contract
  • Custom and/or targeted market research regarding specific technology markets or supply chain process segments
  • An objective perspective in aligning required industry or individual firm business objectives with practical technology enablement.
  • Development of custom independent research to support business needs.

Bob Ferrari is a highly recognized and experienced procurement and global supply chain industry analyst with prior successful research leadership roles acquired at top tier analyst firms AMR Research (now Gartner) and IDC.  Bob terms himself as an independent industry analyst with an independent voice. We provide a more attractive, personalized and affordable alternative to the traditional industry analyst services model that too often is encumbered by high overhead, certain technology company biases or aggressive revenue attainment objectives.

For a more information and a personalized response to your industry analyst advisory needs, please contact either by email or phone.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 781-944-6308