The Supply Chain Council (SCC) has been promoting a series of regional briefings on the topic: Addressing Global Challenges in High Performance Supply Chains. These regional gatherings were designed to share insights gleaned from this year’s global-wide events and also to share the latest updates in SCC development with regional supply chain leaders.

During the first hour, key elements of high performing supply chains in successful global organizations will be shared. A hands-on workshop will follow for those who have time to stay for another hour.  This time will be used to briefly explore the next evolution of using SCOR for managing supply chains – M4SC.  In the workshop, attendees will explore how to develop a supply chain strategy for part of your supply chain, including a supply chain performance SCORcard with a set of performance requirements that you can leverage in the coming business year.

The current schedule of upcoming regional meetings is as follows:

Boston               September 18, 2013

New York          September 19, 2013

Philadelphia     September 20, 2013

Rome                 October 10, 2013

Paris                  October 14, 2013

Houston           November 1, 2013

Attendee feedback from many conferences of late consistently indicate that supply chain professionals prefer to attend regional conferences where travel is more manageable and opportunities for networking with other peer professionals are more available. These SCC Regional Conferences are a means to cater to these needs and also at a very affordable investment.

Additional information and registration can be obtained by clicking on this SCC web link.