Enterprise Cloud and software applications provider Oracle will be conducting its annual Modern Supply Chain Management Experience conference later this month in San Jose California.  Supply Chain Matters has attended and provided coverage of this event, and again this year, this Editor will be in attendance as a featured speaker in two sessions, and will be publishing live blog updates of the conference. Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Banner

Readers can view detailed live dispatches and summary takeaways from last year’s Oracle MSCE conference at this web link.

What makes this conference rather unique is that it is one of a very few enterprise technology vendor sponsored conferences dedicated solely to the broad umbrella of supply change management focused processes that draws a significant attendance. Last year’s event included upwards of 2800 attendees.

Many attend to gain a broader and deeper understanding of Oracle’s current and future strategies in support of multi-industry and multi-functional supply chain management areas in both behind the firewall traditional applications and in Oracle’s evolving Cloud-based ERP, SCM, Procurement and PLM product suites. The conference further provides attendees the opportunity to connect with Oracle product experts and strategists to discuss future directions, planned future capabilities in various application and Suite roadmaps.

Oracle further actively seeks attendee feedback on this conference, and in each subsequent year, tailors the agenda to focus on attendee and customer desired topics.  Attendees look to this specific conference as an opportunity to not only gain more understanding in Oracle strategies, but to learn from supply chain thought leaders on important trends, and to network with other supply chain management focused peers across multiple-industries. Both year’s and this year’s conference includes a specific Women in Supply Chain Luncheon with own focused keynote speaker. This year, the speaker is Pascale Mardirossian, Vice President Global Planning and Fulfillment for Oracle, who will speak to the topic: Breaking Through the Supply Chain Glass Ceiling- A View from the Boardroom.

Last year, Oracle communicated that 1300 customers were on various transition paths involved with Oracle SCM Cloud. At the Oracle OpenWorld customer conference held in October 2017, this Editor spoke with Rick Jewell, Oracle’s Senior Vice-President of SCM Development, who indicated that the Cloud on-ramp numbers are even higher, which makes this conference even more pertinent.

The conference continues to address a broad process areas to include manufacturing, procurement, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning and execution and service management. Last year included speakers addressing technology areas related to Oracle’s deployment strategies in predictive analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain technology enabled processes.

This author will be participating in a main stage keynote panel, along with five other panelists, addressing the topic: Transforming Your Business Operating Model Through End-to-End Supply Chain. Our panel is being asked to address how end-to-end supply chain transformations are becoming more of a strategic priority and why. The panel is also asked to address people, process and technology elements of such transformation from each of our frames of reference. As the independent supply chain management industry analyst, I will be addressing such trends from both a research and multi-industry supply chain perspective. This keynote panel is scheduled for Wednesday, January 31 at 9:15am.

I am also part of a panel, Building a Supply Chain for Supply Chain Talent, scheduled for Wednesday, January 31 at 4:15pm. This is a rather special panel in that is part of Future Supply Chain Leaders speaker tract that includes invitees from local and national universities with supply chain management career aspirations.  Invitations are also extended to select students of Design Tech High School, a unique public charter high school authorized by the San Matteo Union High School District that is physically located on the Oracle corporate campus. Oracle extends complimentary registration and paid travel to such students, an opportunity to attend a major technology conference with a custom track designed for such students.

Readers with organizations that utilize Oracle and NetSuite software and/or analytics and technology elements, or contemplating Cloud-based technology investments supporting various industry supply chain business processes should consider attending this upcoming dedicated conference.  The conference agenda and registration information can be accessed at this Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience dedicated web link.

If you cannot attend, keep your browser pointed to Supply Chain Matters for conference highlights starting on January 29.


Bob Ferrari

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