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The 2020 State of U.S. Logistics- Battered, Broken and Now Resilience Driven

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights and added perspectives to this week’s released 31st Annual State of Logistics Report, prepared by consulting firm Kearney and presented by Penske Logistics. The themes are that of battered, broken and now resilience driven U.S. logistics industry.

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Supply Chain Meets the Board Room- Getting the Sense of the Broader Business Picture

Supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari highlights a recent supply chain technology conference featuring a Harvard Business School professor, and how current and future supply chain management leaders need to understand and advocate in the language of broader business strategy and outcomes.

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Fast Fashion Creator Zara Begins Pivot to the Future of Post COVID-19 Retailing

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights reports that fast fashion retailer Zara is pivoting its business and supply network response strategy to the future of post COVID-19 retailing.

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E2open Makes a Bold In-Transit Visibility Announcement- Changing Market Dynamics?

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights an initial impressions of an announcement from Cloud based B2B supply chain business network platform provider E2open, offering complimentary In-Transit visibility for existing platform customers.

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BluJay Solutions Announced Transportation Modeling Application- Building on Llamasoft’s Cloud Platform

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights for our readers a rather unique announcement in the supply chain tech landscape, the initial instance by our recollection of a supply chain management transportation management (TMS) provider leveraging advanced technology from a supply chain modeling, network design and planning technology provider.

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Review of May 2020 Global Supply Chain Activity Levels- Some Bounce Back But Little Cause for Optimism

This Supply Chain Matters blog features a capsule reviews of reported May-2020 global supply chain activity levels in an ongoing effort to provide readers broader perspective from a supply chain management lens as to what the COVID-19 planning and operational disruption is presenting to multi-industry supply chain management teams.

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COVID-19 and Global Trade Tensions: Updated Industry Supply Chain News Snippets

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on rapidly changing industry developments related to high-tech and semiconductor, commercial aerospace product demand and supply networks, along with escalating trade tensions among the United States and China and added parcel rate hikes from UPS and FedEx involving online customer shipments.

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COVID-19 Higher Online Shipping Volumes Invoke More Bottlenecks and Added Costs as Carriers Add New Surcharges

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the surge in online ordering activity is taxing carrier networks and performance, and how UPS and FedEx are instituting added surcharges or daily shipping volume restrictions. The result is invariably higher costs for online services for major retailers.

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Physical and Digital Connected Big Rigs- The Goal of Daimler and Platform Science

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a recent strategic partnership announcement from Daimler Trucks North America and Platform Science in providing singular telematics connecting the physical and digital information flows of big rig trucks. The announcement afford the ability of third-party app developers to also leverage access to onboard systems information.

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