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Added Investment and M&A Within the Supply Chain Technology Market

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides background to a 2021 Prediction indicating added equity investment, M&A and key strategic partnership activities in the supply chain technology landscape during the coming year.

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News of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Production Cutback- Reality of Concurrent Demand and Supply Network Processes

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an added update to news that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine incurred a temporary production setback for 2020 because of raw material supply chain challenges.

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Parallel Supply Chain Virtual Summits and Stark Contrasts

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a perspective on contrasting Cloud based supply chain management business process technology investment strategies among both SAP and Oracle communities based on two simultaneous online virtual events.

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The Advent of WMS Accelerator Technology to That of Data Convergence- Part Four

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides Part Three of an ongoing multi-part series of blog commentaries focused on a more emerging trend related to traditional Warehouse Management System (WMS) applications, the need for what we term as an overlay Cloud-based WMS Accelerator technology.

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COVID-19 Multi-Industry Supply Chain Disruption News Capsule- November 16 2020

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a weekly capsule of news reports that have implications for various industry supply chains. With COVID-19 coronavirus news once again on the rise, we provide this feature to assist our readers in their efforts to keep updated on noteworthy developments.

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The Digital Transformation of Capacity Planning Management

Supply chain management technology industry analyst Bob Ferrari addresses the digital transformation of capacity planning management in either process or discrete manufacturing settings, in the context of new definitions, thinking and direction.

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Featuring November 10 2020 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our November 10 2020 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech, a brief synopsis of noteworthy supply chain management focused technology news which we believe would be of specific interest to our global-based blog readership. Featured announcements include Cloud Logistics and Uber Freight, o9 Solutions and project44, Descartes and ShipTrack, Seegrid and Box Robotics, Amazon Web Services and Carrier Corporation, Aquiline Drones and Drone Volt.

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Demand and Supply Network Challenges Like No Other: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights what many consider as one for what is likely to be one of the most complex logistical undertakings in quite some time, the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine, and how advanced supply chain technologies can play an important role.

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Breaking Supply Chain Tech News- E2open to Become a Publicly Traded Company

The Supply Chain Matters blog This Week in Supply Chain Tech column features breaking news, that being an announcement that supply chain B2B Cloud supply chain business network platform technology provider E2open has entered into a business combination agreement to become a public traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Announcing Published Research Advisory- New Rules for Supply Chain Insights, Collaboration and Resiliency

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, via the Supply Chain Matters blog, announces the general availability of a new technology focused market education Research Advisory: New Rules for Supply Chain Insights, Collaboration and Overall Resiliency. Operations and supply chain management teams now, more than ever, need to be prepared for a post-pandemic industry and business environment where change and disruption will likely be a constant.

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The Stakes for US Online Retail Dominance Become Far More Visible- The Operational Test

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a follow-up commentary added more perspective to Amazon’s recent blowout financial performance despite significant operational challenges. Further observed is how other online providers who made up-front investments were also able to benefit financially.

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Supply Chain Matters Guest Commentary: Building, Not Breaking the Supply Chain Backbone

The Supply Chain Matters blog features a guest commentary contribution on the topic of building a supply chain foundation contributed by Troy Hicks, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Supply Planning for Herbalife Nutrition.

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