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Coupa Software’s Assimilation of Llamasoft Technology

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an update on business spend management Cloud platform provider Coupa Software. Specifically, we home in on a report of progress after Coupa’s acquisition of supply chain analytics technology provider Llamasoft in November of 2020.

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March 2021 PMI Data- Global Production at Full Throttle While Disruption and Warning Signs Abound

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights March 2021 global manufacturing and supply chain activity level reporting and current trending relative global product demand and supply networks. The overall message is that global supply chain activity is now at full throttle with headwinds and disruption abounding.

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Supply Chain Matters Top 25 Most Read Blogs During 2020- Part Two

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our annual listing of our most read blog commentaries that were created and published during the year 2020. In this Part Two posting, we highlight in descending order from Number 14 to Number 1 ranked blog content.

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Supporting Supply Chain Digital Transformation- The Need for a Phased Approach

In this Supply Chain Matters technology market education blog, we address paths to supply chain digital transformation and in partnering with technology providers that practice such methods. A known reality is that organizations will often seek different paths toward digital transformation. Pathways will include recognizing specific priorities related to business process change requirements, added agility concerning overall planning, and decision management needs among product demand and supply networks.

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More Evidence of Oracle’s Cloud Applications Momentum

In this Supply Chain Matters technology market education commentary, we highlight Oracle’s ongoing technology and applications strategies, the consistency of strategy and messaging and the consequent customer momentum.

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Food Waste and the Need for More Agile and Socially Conscious Food Supply Networks- Part Two

The Supply Chain Matters blog feature’s part two in a series exploring the rather significant amount of food waste that occurs across global regions and how technology deployment can contribute significantly to mitigation needs.

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Avery Dennison Announces Connected Product Cloud

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights an Avery Dennison announcement of a connected product Cloud, ushering in new capabilities of more highly connected products.

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Availability of Supply Chain Matters Podcast Episode 11- Discussing 2021 Business Process and Technology Trends with Vinnie Mirchandani

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of podcast Episode 11- Discussing Business Process and Enterprise Technology Trends with Vinnie Mirchandani.

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Oracle’s Fiscal Q3-2021 Financial Performance Upbeat Despite Analyst Perceptions

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights and insights regarding enterprise Cloud and applications technology provider Oracle Corporation’s reported fiscal Q3-2020 financial performance.

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One Year Later- Global Supply Chains Responded When it Counted

Supply Chain Matters Blog Executive Editor Bob Ferrari pens an editorial reflecting on the one-year anniversary of the declaration of a global pandemic, and what that has meant to supply chain management teams.

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Nationwide Trucking Firm JB Hunt’s Decision to Adopt Adopting Google Cloud

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights nationwide trucking firm JB Hunt’s decision to adopt more sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities and the implications of building technology arms race that impacts transportation networks and shippers.

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