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Looking Back at 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Two

The Supply Chain Matters blog features Part Two of a series of commentaries that look back and review 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains that were published by our research arm at the beginning of this year.

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Global Supply Chain Management Teams- Ready and Able for the 2018 Holiday Customer Fulfillment Surge

This weekend marks the official kickoff of the 2018 holiday customer fulfillment surge period which will once again test months of planning and investment in various people, process and technology deployment areas to manage expected high shipment volumes.

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Five Shipping Lines and CargoSmart Team-Up for Blockchain Enabled Shipping Process Improvements

Members of the Ocean Alliance, Tang Ming Lines, and CargoSmart are teaming-up to form a consortium to develop, implement and pilot blockchain technology enabled processes to address specific stakeholder network needs. This initiative and the Maersk-IBM initiative bear watching over the coming months.

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How Hybrid Integration Enables a More Intelligent and Connected B2B Supply Network

Many businesses and their respective supply chains are increasingly feeling the pressure to accelerate movement toward digital-based transformation and more digital-enabled processes. The reality can present itself with added barriers and challenges. A new concept to consider is often described as Hybrid Integration, namely integrating B2B Business Network information via common API’s with existing Cloud and legacy backbone processes and systems.

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The Supply Chain Matters Q3-2018 Newsletter Has Published

Supply Chain Matters alerts subscribed readers and research clients that our Q3-2018 Quarterly Newsletter has published. Registered blog subscribers will find notification to the Q3 Newsletter in respective email inboxes.

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Kinaxis and Genpact Announce a Working Alliance Agreement

Supply chain management concurrent planning provider Kinaxis announced this week a working alliance agreement with Genpact, a global professional services firm focusing on business transformation. This alliance stems from a prior alliance with a specialized supply chain planning boutique services firm highly grounded in Kinaxis implementation services.

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IBM’s Acquisition of Red Hat- What It Means for Supply Chain Management Technology Strategy

The biggest and likely most significant news in information technology in 2018 arrived this week with the announcement by IBM that the company intends to acquire open source Cloud-based technology provider Red Hat. In this Supply Chain Matters blog, we explore what may be the implications for supply chain management focused technology.

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Supply Chain Matters Coverage of Oracle Open World 2018- Summary Impressions

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari attended the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 conference held in San Francisco. In this conference summary commentary, he distills all of this year’s messaging and themes along with added insights.

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Supply Chain Matters at Oracle Open World 2018- Dispatch Five

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari attended the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 conference held in San Francisco. In this Dispatch Five update, Bob highlights what he tweeted as one of the most profound panel discussions he has witnessed as a supply chain management industry and technology analyst.

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