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White House Summit Meets on Semiconductor Supply Resilience

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights reports regarding yesterday’s initial White House summit on semiconductor supply resilience and its implications for multi-industry supply networks.

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Supply Chain Matters Top Most Read Blogs During 2020- Part One

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our annual listing of our most read blog commentaries that were created and published during the year 2020. In this Part One posting, we highlight in descending order from Number 25 to Number 15 ranked blog content.

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One Year Later- Global Supply Chains Responded When it Counted

Supply Chain Matters Blog Executive Editor Bob Ferrari pens an editorial reflecting on the one-year anniversary of the declaration of a global pandemic, and what that has meant to supply chain management teams.

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Toyota’s Response to the Auto Industry-Wide Semiconductor Chip Shortage

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a report in indicating how Toyota has modified its just-in-time processes to factor certain supply network risks including the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.

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Lean Manufacturing for Today’s Customer-Driven Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides a guest blog contribution from Richard Lebovitz describing how new Lean thinking, artificial intelligence and connected factory management will lead the new age of manufacturing.

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Auto Industry Semiconductor Shortages- The Challenge of Supply Resiliency and Risk Mitigation

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides additional commentary related to the ongoing global shortage of semiconductor components utilized in automotive manufacturing.

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What to Expect in 2021- Summary of Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group thru the medium of the Supply Chain Matters blog, unveils our summary of 2021 Predictions for Industry and Global Chains and what supply chain management teams should expect in the coming year.

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Announcing Availability of Podcast Episode 9- The New (Ab) Normal with MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of Episode 9 of our podcasting series: The New (Ab) Normal with MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi, describing specific areas of his newly published and highly rated book of the same name.

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Revisiting 2020 Predictions for Multi-Industry and Global Supply Chains

Supply chain management technology industry analyst Bob Ferrari provides a revisit and assessment of 2020 predictions published earlier in the year, and outlines plans related to an upcoming Research Advisory for 2021 predictions.

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Highlighting Select COVID-19 Multi-Industry Supply Chain Survey Data

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights for readers two recent quantitative surveys that have caught our attention relative to identifying specific multi-industry supply chain impacts as a result of the COVID-19 disruption.

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COVID-19 Supply Chain Response: Reckitt Benckiser and Procter and Gamble

In the backdrop of the ongoing global COVID-19 coronavirus outbreaks, the Supply Chain Matters blog continues to highlight for readers where specific industry product demand and supply chain management response are making a visible difference to customer and business performance outcomes. In this commentary, we focus on response to global wide cleaning and sanitizing product demand, and specifically providers Reckitt Benckiser Group and Procter and Gamble.

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COVID-19 Multi-Industry Supply Chain Disruption News Capsule- October 27 2020

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a weekly capsule of news reports that have implications for various industry supply chains. With COVID-19 coronavirus news once again on the rise, we provide this feature to assist our readers in their efforts to keep updated on noteworthy developments.

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