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Sharing Offers of Conditional Complimentary Supply Chain Management Technology – Update Three

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides visibility to supply chain technology providers Resilinc, Thomas and Esri that are currently offering conditional complimentary specialized software applications for helping in the response to conditions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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COVID-19: The Condition is Flashing Urgent for Healthcare Supply Chain Prioritization Across the United States

The Supply Chain Matters blog issues a plea to U.S. government leaders indicating that time is crucial for manufacturing and supply chain resources to be prioritized across the United States to provide essential healthcare delivery products to combat the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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One Quantification of Supply Chain Planning Technology Usage During COVID-19 Supply Chain Response

The Supply Chain Matters blog makes reference to a blog commentary published by supply chain technology provider Kinaxis, that quantifies the spike in usage encountered during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

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Revisiting 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains in a Post COVID-19 World

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group’s Managing Director Bob Ferrari pens a Supply Chain Matters blog commentary that revisits 2020 Predictions published a mere few weeks ago, and how a post COVID-19 world adds potential new dimensions to certain prediction areas.

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Efforts Underway to Expand COVID-19 Response Availability of Critically Needed Healthcare Products and Materials

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues in supporting the need for sharing of critical and important information related to multi-industry supply chain networks, and specifically supply chains of critically needed healthcare treatment personal protection and treatment materials needs. Both physical and digital response are coming together to try to address the shortage gaps.

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Words of Wisdom- Time for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Prioritization Across the United States

The Supply Chain Matters blog calls reader attention to a published editorial outlining essential steps for the U.S. government and industry players to act now to protect critical supply chains required to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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Just in Time Inventory Management Methodology May Be Little Help During and After the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak Without Modification

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a commentary as to why Just-In-Time inventory management systems that permeate various multi-industry supply chains may be little help during and after the COVID-19 Coronavirus global outbreak of 2020, without modification for connecting physical with digital.

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Healthcare Related Supply Chains are Indeed the Critical Link in COVID-19 Virus Containment and Treatment

Supply Chain Matters Editor Bob Ferrari provides focus to healthcare related supply chains as the critical link in ongoing COVID-19 virus containment and treatment needs, along with evidence of vulnerabilities already evident.

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Initial Survey Data Reinforces the Building Magnitude of Supply Chain Disruption as a Result of the Global-wide COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights results of two recent industry surveys initially quantifying the global supply chain impacts of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreaks but cautions that the real impacts are yet to manifest themselves from both product demand and supply chain dimensions.

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Additional Leadership Challenges for Boeing and the 737 MAX Aircraft Program

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on commercial aerospace manufacturer Boeing’s latest collection of executive leadership challenges related to returning the 737 MAX to global operational service, along with the implications for the company’s aircraft demand and supply networks, in the midst of the new COVID-19 global coronavirus outbreak.

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