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The Bar in Online and In-Store Customer Fulfillment Grows

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides commentary highlighting a recent Oracle Retail sponsored survey: Setting the Bar: Global Customer Experience Trends 2019, along with some important takeaways for readers.

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Revisit of Ferrari Consulting and Research Group 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Three

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, via the Supply Chain Matters blog, provides a Part Three self-assessment of prior 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains published at the start of 2019. Prediction Five, Supply Chain Management Digital Transformation strategies requiring strategic roadmaps, and Prediction Six, multi-year transition toward Digitally Enabled Response Networks are revisited.

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New Research on Overcoming Supply Chain Planning Digital Transformation Challenges

The Supply Chain Matters blog addresses added evidence for overcoming challenges related to supply chain planning digital transformation, citing a recent industry survey and addressing factors to consider and overcoming roadblocks.

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The Digital Supply Chain and the Relationship of Geospatial Technology

The Supply Chain Matters blog interrelates Digital Supply Chain capabilities with the added application of geospatial technology in supporting process capabilities where the interrelation of precise geographic location and linkage to key information is highly important.

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Stepping Stones for Supply Chain Digital Transformation in Customer Fulfillment and Supply Chain Execution

The Supply Chain Matters blog features a technology thought leadership commentary on stepping stones approaches for enabling foundational aspects of supply chain digital transformation related to customer fulfillment processes.

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Perspectives on the ASCM and Deloitte Joint Announcement of a Supply Chain Digital Capabilities Model

Supply chain technology industry analyst Bob Ferrari highlights and share insights related to last week’s joint announcement from ASCM and Deloitte on the development and availability of a Digital Capabilities Model (DSM) for Supply Networks. The model is to aide companies in understanding and transforming linear supply chains to dynamic, interconnected, digital networks.

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The Notions of Senior Executive Changes Among Consumer Product Goods Businesses and Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides added commentary reflecting on ongoing industry changes occurring among consumer product goods firms and the notions of executive leadership that drives the most effective needed business change.

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Summary Highlights of the 2019 OpenText Enterprise World Technology Conference

The Supply Chain Matters blog, in the presence of Executive Editor Bob Ferrari, provides summary highlights from the OpenText Enterprise World technology conference held earlier this month. 

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Amazon’s $700 Million Workforce Investment- A Clear Sign of the Ongoing Talent Crisis

Online retailer Amazon make a rather significant announcement this week, one related to changing workforce skills. In this commentary, Supply Chain Matters reflects on the potential implications of the Amazon announcement, and what it may imply to multi-industry supply chain management teams.

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OpenText and Mastercard Announce Joint Partnership in Digital Finance Services

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides initial commentary related to an announced strategic partnership involving OpenText’s B2B Business Network and Mastercard, in areas of payment services and trade finance.

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