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How Hybrid Integration Enables a More Intelligent and Connected B2B Supply Network

Many businesses and their respective supply chains are increasingly feeling the pressure to accelerate movement toward digital-based transformation and more digital-enabled processes. The reality can present itself with added barriers and challenges. A new concept to consider is often described as Hybrid Integration, namely integrating B2B Business Network information via common API’s with existing Cloud and legacy backbone processes and systems.

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Supply Chain Matters Coverage of Oracle Open World 2018- Summary Impressions

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari attended the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 conference held in San Francisco. In this conference summary commentary, he distills all of this year’s messaging and themes along with added insights.

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Magnitude Software Acquires Every Angle Software in the SAP Analytics Landscape

Application data management provider Magnitude Software announced last week that it has acquired Every Angle Software Solutions, a provider that enables users of SAP-run organizations to optimize their operational intelligence and performance by empowering insightful and flexible business analytics.

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Facebook Appearance Before U.S. Congressional Committees Will Have Industry Supply Chain Implications

Today, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will testify before a joint U.S. Congressional Subcommittee amid growing concerns over individual data privacy. What eventually transpires as a result of these latest revelations will likely have indirect or direct impacts on industry supply chain customer data management and ownership practices.

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Why the Supply Chain is So Important for Regulated Industry Environments- A Contributed Guest Posting

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari recently contributed a guest posting on the MasterControl Compliance Accelerated Blog on why the supply chain is so important for supporting expected business outcomes as well as insuring adequate risk mitigation.

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Deep Dive on 2017 Prediction Seven: Enhanced Supply Chain Intelligence Capabilities Among B2B Network Platform and Managed Services Providers Will Pay Dividends for Industry Supply Chains

The following Supply Chain Matters blog is part of our ongoing series of deep dives into each of...

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Deep Dive 2017 Prediction Six- A Renaissance in Supply Chain Focused Business Services and Technology Investments

The following Supply Chain Matters blog is part of our ongoing series of deep dives into each of...

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