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2021 Predictions- The Need for Enhanced End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, via the Supply Chain Matters blog, highlights a specific 2021 prediction for industry supply chains: the need for enhanced end—to-end supply chain visibility.

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Breaking Supply Chain Tech News: Coupa Software Acquiring Llamasoft

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides initial impressions of today’s breaking supply chain technology news that Coupa Software has acquired supply chain design and analytics planning provider LLamasoft for $1.5 billion.

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Highlights of the 2020 Kinaxis Customer Conference- Part One

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights of supply chain concurrent planning technology provider Kinaxis’s annual Kinexions customer conference held this week for upwards of 2000 registered attendees. Specifically highlighted is a rather significant new product announcement that may well capture a lot of market attention.

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Supply Chain Matters Guest Contribution: Data Science in the Supply Chain: Accessible, Affordable, and Effective

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a guest contribution from Josh Miramant, CEO of Blue Orange Digital. With the increased accessibility and affordability of advanced technologies such as data analytics, AIn and Machine Learning, the supply chain industry is being changed forever. These technologies are helping companies reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and drive revenue growth.

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BluJay Solutions Announced Transportation Modeling Application- Building on Llamasoft’s Cloud Platform

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights for our readers a rather unique announcement in the supply chain tech landscape, the initial instance by our recollection of a supply chain management transportation management (TMS) provider leveraging advanced technology from a supply chain modeling, network design and planning technology provider.

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Breaking Supply Chain Technology News- Panasonic Taking an Equity Stake in Blue Yonder

The Supply Chain Matters blog alerts readers to breaking supply chain technology news: Panasonic Corporation taking an equity stake in supply chain technology provider Blue Yonder, formally known as JDA Software. Included is an initial technology market perspective relative to the announcement.

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Kinaxis- A Continued Sponsor of the Supply Chain Chain Matters Blog in 2020

Supply Chain Matters blog Founder and Executive Editor Bob Ferrari announces that supply chain concurrent planning and response technology provider Kinaxis will once again be a Sustained sponsor of this blog in 2020. Further announced is joint collaboration in thought specific leadership topics during the current year.

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Perspective on Multi-Industry Supply Chain Management Strategy in the Post COVID-19 Era

Supply chain technology industry analyst Bob Ferrari provides a Supply Chain Matters blog editorial commentary addressing multi-industry supply chain management concepts in the post COVID-19 era in areas of strategy, business process and advanced technology.

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The Digital Supply Chain and the Relationship of Geospatial Technology

The Supply Chain Matters blog interrelates Digital Supply Chain capabilities with the added application of geospatial technology in supporting process capabilities where the interrelation of precise geographic location and linkage to key information is highly important.

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The Increased Importance of Global Trade Management process Support Technology

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a reminder to cross-functional supply chain management professionals of the now increased importance of Global Trade Management (GTM) software applications.

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How Hybrid Integration Enables a More Intelligent and Connected B2B Supply Network

Many businesses and their respective supply chains are increasingly feeling the pressure to accelerate movement toward digital-based transformation and more digital-enabled processes. The reality can present itself with added barriers and challenges. A new concept to consider is often described as Hybrid Integration, namely integrating B2B Business Network information via common API’s with existing Cloud and legacy backbone processes and systems.

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Supply Chain Matters Coverage of Oracle Open World 2018- Summary Impressions

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Bob Ferrari attended the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 conference held in San Francisco. In this conference summary commentary, he distills all of this year’s messaging and themes along with added insights.

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