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Airbus Discloses New Plans to Ramp-Up Single Aisle Production Levels But Can This Aerospace Manufacturer Take Advantage of Market Opportunity

This Supply Chain Matters commentary focuses on Airbus and its efforts to take advantage of Boeing’s ongoing corporate crisis involving the global grounding of that manufacturer’s Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft, specifically the announced ramp-up of the competing Airbus A320/A321 family of aircraft.

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Report Reveals Apple’s Procurement Management Practices Which Are Not Necessarily Collaborative

The Supply Chain Matters blog calls attention to a published report exposing Apple’s procurement management practices which are not necessarily collaborative, and which is certain to fuel ongoing debate as to whether extracting aggressive cost savings from suppliers adds to sustaining product innovation.

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Boeing Communicates a Further Delay in Returning 737 MAX to Operational Service

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights this week’s announcement regarding yet another expected delay for the return to global wide operational service of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Developments will continue to be forthcoming, and with each, this industry’s aircraft demand and supply response networks will increasingly be further impacted.

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Boeing 737 MAX Grounding Crisis Update- New CEO Leadership Takes on Existing Challenges

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides added observations of the ongoing Boeing 737-MAX grounding crisis, the recent CEO change and the ongoing engineering and product management as well as supply network implications.

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Supply Chain Matters 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains Detailed- Part Two

The Supply Chain Matters provides a series of individual blogs that explore added detail and perspective around each of ten 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains. Prediction Two provides a view on what global supply management challenges are in store for the year 2020.

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Revisit of Ferrari Consulting and Research Group 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part One

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, via the Supply Chain Matters blog, begins a Part One self-assessment of prior 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains published at the start of 2019.

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Featuring October 23 2019 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our October 23, 2019 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech, a brief synopsis of noteworthy supply chain management focused technology news which we believe would be of specific interest to our global-based blog readership. Included in this edition are highlights related to noteworthy announcements and/or developments related to:LeanDNA and Spirit AeroSystems, IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite, Blackstone Group, Shopify and 6 River Systems.

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Tesla Motors and the Importance of Win-Win Strategic Supplier Relationships

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides commentary reflecting on a report indicating an increasingly frayed relationship among Tesla Motors and key battery cell supplier Panasonic. Long-term success is always built on two-way, win-win relationships with give and take, and respect for either partner’s business culture.

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Supply Chain Matters Taking a Brief Pause

The Supply Chain Matters blog informs global-wide readers of a brief pause in blogging activities because of annual vacation.

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Industry Supply Chains Should Be In Planning Modes for Preparation for Economic Recession

Supply Chain Matters blog Executive Editor Bob Ferrari opines to multi-industry sales and operations or integrated business planning teams that the signs of a looming global economic setback are flashing yellow and argues that now is the time to be in planning mode for pending recession.

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Summary Highlights of the 2019 OpenText Enterprise World Technology Conference

The Supply Chain Matters blog, in the presence of Executive Editor Bob Ferrari, provides summary highlights from the OpenText Enterprise World technology conference held earlier this month. 

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