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Coupa Software’s Assimilation of Llamasoft Technology

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an update on business spend management Cloud platform provider Coupa Software. Specifically, we home in on a report of progress after Coupa’s acquisition of supply chain analytics technology provider Llamasoft in November of 2020.

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Breaking- President Biden Announces Accelerated U.S. Vaccine Supply

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights breaking news indicating that President Joe Biden has indicated that the United States will have enough COVID-19 vaccine supply for all American adults by the end of May.

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Toyota’s Response to the Auto Industry-Wide Semiconductor Chip Shortage

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a report in indicating how Toyota has modified its just-in-time processes to factor certain supply network risks including the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.

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Apple’s Record-Breaking Holiday Quarter Financial and Operational Performance

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights global consumer electronics designer Apple’s blowout holiday quarter in both financial and supply network operational performance.

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Semi-Annual Forecast Reflects Optimism on the Part of Procurement Executives

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the view of procurement executives reflected in the latest ISM Semiannual Economic Forecast.

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What Should Supply Chain Management Teams Expect in the Coming Year: Global Supply Network Challenges Remain with Resiliency Strategies Essential

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides Part Three highlights of the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group’s 2021 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains, summarizing global supply management outlooks for the coming year.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Product Launch This Week- The Time of Execution Response is At-Hand

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides commentary reflecting on the potential product demand and supply network challenges related to this week’s formal launch of Apple’s new iPhone 12 product line up.

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Supply Chain Matters Podcast Episode 4 Featuring Bob Ferrari and Victor Meyer

The Supply Chain Matters blog alerts readers to the availability of Episode 4 of our podcasting series. In this episode, Founder Bob Ferrari speaks with Victor Meyer, former Vice-Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Forums for Pandemic and Catastrophic Risk on topics related to global supply chain risks in the ongoing COVID 19 and post pandemic global environment.

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COVID-19 Disruption and Sense of the Broader Picture- Supply Chain Wide Command Center Mentality

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues with our prior published blog of Supply Chain Meets the Board Room, with updated economic and survey data. While many of our readers are more than likely actually feeling and responding to the impacts of this data, this commentary is one of helping to provide context.

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COVID-19 Disruption: Review of First Quarter 2020 Industry Supply Chain Response

The Supply Chain Matters blog features capsule reviews of reported Q1-2020 industry financial and business challenges to provide readers broader perspective from a supply chain management lens as to what the post COVID-19 planning and operational environment will present in the coming months.

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Foxconn Accelerates High Tech Value Chain Integration Capabilities – A Potential Political Minefield for Apple

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a supply chain update perspective on some important industry sectors in the ongoing backdrop of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that continues to impact multi-industry supply chains. This particular commentary focuses on the high tech and consumer electronics sector, specifically strategic moves by Foxconn and Apple.

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Kearney Reshoring Index Study Sheds Light on Notable Shifts in Supply Sourcing Prior to COVID-19 Disruption

The Supply Chain Matters blog calls reader attention to a very timely report recently published by global sourcing consulting firm, Kearney (formerly A.T. Kearney). The report’s Executive Summary points a dramatic reversal of a previous five-year trend for the Reshoring Index, as domestic U.S. manufacturing in 2019 commanded a significantly greater share versus sourcing among the 14 Asian low-cost countries.

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