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The Darker Sides of Amazon’s Work Culture Becoming More Visible

These past weeks, there have been a lot of not so flattering news concerning Amazon and its work-related management practices. As a supply chain management focused blog, we are compelled to highlight the concerning as well as any positive trends.

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Supply Chain Matters Thoughts on Tyson Foods Announced Intent to Acquire Keystone Foods

Consumer product industry and business media has been absorbing the news that Tyson Foods has agreed to acquire Keystone Foods, a key supplier to global restaurant chain McDonald’s Corporation. This development and indeed the unfolding strategy has both strategic and supply chain leadership storylines and implications.

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Report Of Labor Violation Conditions at Factory Producing Amazon Branded Products

Reuters reports that a major U.S. based labor watchdog group, China Labor Watch, criticized both Amazon and global contract manufacturing services provider Foxconn over what is described as harsh working conditions at an assembly factory in China.

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Apple’s Announcement in Achieving 100 Percent Renewable Energy Use- More Work Remains

Global consumer electronics manufacturer Apple indicated this week that the company’s ten-year old goal to have all owned facilities 100 percent powered by renewable energy sources has been achieved. While Apple deserves credit for this achievement, the scope of this announcement does not include major elements of its global supply chain.

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Supply Chain Sourcing Taking on More Geo-Political Significance

The importance and implications of existing or future supply chain management sourcing strategies continue to be brought to light. Geo-political forces surrounding global trade are likely to occupy the attention of many industry supply chain teams, all of whom must be prepared to deal with near or longer-term implications.

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3M Supplier Survey Brings Forth Important Insights for Increased Supplier Collaboration

Diversified products manufacturer 3M conducted a survey among supply chain suppliers to hone in on current challenges related to the notions of supplier collaboration. What caught Supply Chain Matters attention was that important supplier collaboration challenges remain for procurement and supply chain teams.

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Let’s Not Import nor Export an Ethos that Turns a Blind Eye to Social Responsibility

As a supply chain management community, we can sometimes turn a blind eye when production facilities in external countries provide workers with unsafe conditions. We now have a report that may well serve as a call for audits and responsible actions for certain U.S. production facilities.

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Deep Dive on 2017 Prediction Nine: Business Self-Interest Will Fuel Continued Efforts in Supply Chain Sustainability Actions and Initiatives

The following Supply Chain Matters blog is part of our ongoing series of deep dives into each of...

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2017 Predictions- The 3M Perspective on the Need for Bimodal Supply Chain Capabilities

In preparing our overall 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains, and specifically...

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Revisiting Supply Chain Matters 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Three

While industry supply chain teams continue to work on achieving 2016 year-end strategic, tactical,...

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