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Featuring Supply Chain Matters Podcast- Episode 2 with Bob Ferrari and Jon Chorley of Oracle

The Supply Chain Matters alerts readers to the availability of Episode 2 of our new podcast series. In this episode, Founder Bob Ferrari speaks with Jon Chorley, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management Product Strategy, and Chief Sustainability Officer at Oracle.

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Noted Amazon Development Executive Resigns Over Online Provider’s Social Responsibility Actions

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a published report by The Washington Post indicating that a well-regarded Amazon software development leader, and technical vice presidential role, has resigned over the online provider’s recent practices in firing protesting warehouse workers as well as internal employee protests regarding the company’s actions in areas of climate change.

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Ethical Supply Chain Commitments- Amazon Under the Looking Glass

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights an industry example of the scoping and implications of Ethical Supply Chains Contrasting a Wall Street Journal report indicating that Amazon sells clothing produced at factories that other retailers shun, with Amazon’s statements that suppliers have broad meaning and scope.

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An Interview on Creating More Sustainable Business and Supply Chain Operations

Supply Chain Matters blog Executive Editor shares an interview conducted with Jon Chorley, Group Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Oracle Corporation, on topics of sustainability and creating more sustainable business and supply chain operations.

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The Increased Importance of Ethical Supply Chain Commitments in Today’s Global Business Landscapes

The Supply Chain Matters blog explores ongoing business initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the increased importance of technology-enabled Ethical Supply Chain efforts applied across broad B2B Business Networks.

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Response to the Revised Business Roundtable Purpose of Corporations Statement

Founder and Executive Editor of the Supply Chain Matters blog, Bob Ferrari, provides an editorial commentary reflecting on the U.S. Business Roundtable’s action for changing its Statement on the Purpose of Corporations, and what that may imply in supply chain management strategy, product, process and people support implications.

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March 8, 2019 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Technology

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our March 8, 2019 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech, a brief synopsis of noteworthy supply chain management focused technology news which we believe would be of specific interest to our global-based readership.

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The Darker Sides of Amazon’s Work Culture Becoming More Visible

These past weeks, there have been a lot of not so flattering news concerning Amazon and its work-related management practices. As a supply chain management focused blog, we are compelled to highlight the concerning as well as any positive trends.

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Supply Chain Matters Thoughts on Tyson Foods Announced Intent to Acquire Keystone Foods

Consumer product industry and business media has been absorbing the news that Tyson Foods has agreed to acquire Keystone Foods, a key supplier to global restaurant chain McDonald’s Corporation. This development and indeed the unfolding strategy has both strategic and supply chain leadership storylines and implications.

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Report Of Labor Violation Conditions at Factory Producing Amazon Branded Products

Reuters reports that a major U.S. based labor watchdog group, China Labor Watch, criticized both Amazon and global contract manufacturing services provider Foxconn over what is described as harsh working conditions at an assembly factory in China.

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