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Announcing Published Research Advisory: The Future of Online Customer Fulfillment- More Flexible and Digital Based Warehouse Automation

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, via the Supply Chain Matters blog, announces the general availability of a new technology focused market education Research Advisory: The Future of Online Customer Fulfillment- More Flexible and Digital Based Warehouse Automation.

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Announcing Availability of Podcast Episode 7- Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry Patient Demand and Supply Networks

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces the availability of Episode 7 of our Supply Chain Matters Podcasting series. In this episode, moderator Bob Ferrari speaks with well noted supply chain industry analyst Roddy Martin discussing the challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical and life sciences patient demand and supply networks.

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Workforce Realignment and Restructuring Across Global Logistics and Retail Customer Fulfillment

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights announcements, each within a one-week period, with a common theme of technology driven workforce realignment. These announcements involve global container shipping line Maersk, parcel delivery provider UPS, physical store and online customer fulfillment last-mile delivery involving Amazon and Walmart. The pervasive movement toward online driven fulfillment has many implications and many interpretations, and these types of announcements will likely continue.

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Aquiline Drones Expands Operations and Launches Commercial Drone Pilot Program

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an update on U.S. based Aquiline Drones, now indicating to be one of the fastest growing full-service drone companies in the U.S. and now recruiting both additional staff and launching a commercial drone pilot training program.

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Walmart’s Latest Impressive Financial and Operational Performance

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues to highlight for readers the ongoing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most profound of which has the explosion in online buying among global consumers. Highlighted are the quarterly financial and operational performance aspects for retailers Walmart in the latest quarter.

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The Stakes for US Online Retail Dominance Become Far More Visible- The Operational Test

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a follow-up commentary added more perspective to Amazon’s recent blowout financial performance despite significant operational challenges. Further observed is how other online providers who made up-front investments were also able to benefit financially.

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Report indicating Foxconn is Moving Toward a More Regionalized Supply Network Strategy

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a further Asia based report that global contract manufacturer Foxconn is planning for an inevitable regionalized supply network strategy for key high tech and consumer electronics customers.

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United States Moves to Boost Domestic Production of Essential Healthcare Products- We Warned You

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an added update relative to political efforts underway to shift production of deemed essential pharmaceuticals and medicines back to the United States.

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Carriers Putting an Added Cost Squeeze to Online Commerce and Retail Providers

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a commentary reflecting on reports of carriers putting an additional cost squeeze to online commerce and retail providers. With shipment volumes expected to continue to increase in the coming moths, the economic and service implications are worrisome.

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