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COVID-19: The Condition is Flashing Urgent for Healthcare Supply Chain Prioritization Across the United States

The Supply Chain Matters blog issues a plea to U.S. government leaders indicating that time is crucial for manufacturing and supply chain resources to be prioritized across the United States to provide essential healthcare delivery products to combat the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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Efforts Underway to Expand COVID-19 Response Availability of Critically Needed Healthcare Products and Materials

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues in supporting the need for sharing of critical and important information related to multi-industry supply chain networks, and specifically supply chains of critically needed healthcare treatment personal protection and treatment materials needs. Both physical and digital response are coming together to try to address the shortage gaps.

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Healthcare Related Supply Chains are Indeed the Critical Link in COVID-19 Virus Containment and Treatment

Supply Chain Matters Editor Bob Ferrari provides focus to healthcare related supply chains as the critical link in ongoing COVID-19 virus containment and treatment needs, along with evidence of vulnerabilities already evident.

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Rent the Runway Recruits Senior Online Customer Fulfillment Executives to Spur Seamless Growth

The Supply Chain Matters blog once again highlights online fashion start-up Rent the Runway and ongoing efforts to streamline this start-up’s customer fulfillment and logistics experiences.

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Aquiline Drones Makes its U.S. Market Appearance with a Unique Services Business Model

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the market introduction of Aquiline Drones with a unique services model that will likely garner market attention in the months to come. The use of drones for supporting critical, sensitive or specialized supply, customer fulfillment and national security needs has come into view.

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Next Up for Retail Supply Chains- The Spike of Merchandise Returns

The Supply Chain Matters blog reflects on the now underway peak of online retail-focused reverse logistics processes involving millions of customers returning goods to U.S. and other global retailers, and the increasing implications to online costs and planning.

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What Should Supply Chain Management Teams Expect in the Coming Year: Summary of 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group thru the medium of the Supply Chain Matters blog, provides a full summary of 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Chains and what supply chain management teams should expect in the coming year

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Thud Across the U.S. Trucking Industry- The Declared Bankruptcy of Celadon Group

The Supply Chain Matters blog reflects on a significant thud that echoed across the U.S. trucking industry with the untimely announcement that nationwide carrier Celadon Group was forced to file for bankruptcy and cease operations. While the development was mostly self-inflicted, it adds to a year of multiple announcements of suspended operations among various U.S. trucking firms.

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Kroger’s Online Digital Transformation Meets Realities of Near-Term Business Performance

The Supply Chain Matters blog features an updated commentary focused on U.S. grocery and food retailer Kroger, and this retailer’s efforts to transform itself into various forms of online and in-store digital experiences.

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Preliminary 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online Sales Data Points to Mixed Results

Supply Chain Matters blog Executive Editor and supply chain management industry analyst Bob Ferrari reflects on recently reported Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday sales volumes and the challenges remaining for retail, supply chain and customer last-mile logistics fulfillment teams.

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The Bar in Online and In-Store Customer Fulfillment Grows

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides commentary highlighting a recent Oracle Retail sponsored survey: Setting the Bar: Global Customer Experience Trends 2019, along with some important takeaways for readers.

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