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The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Production Mix-up- The Message of Stepped-Up Quality Monitoring and Controls

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides commentary on last week’s revelation of a COVID-19 vaccine production facility’s snafu in producing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The commentary addresses what mitigation actions the industry needs to undertake to insure the quality needs of COVID-19 vaccines produced at such volumes.

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Food Waste and the Need for More Agile and Socially Conscious Food Supply Networks- Part Two

The Supply Chain Matters blog feature’s part two in a series exploring the rather significant amount of food waste that occurs across global regions and how technology deployment can contribute significantly to mitigation needs.

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Boeing’s Corporate Culture, Engineering and Supply Network Challenges Permeate

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides another update regarding the discordant number of events affecting commercial aircraft manufacturer Boeing much of which stems from the aerospace company’s troubled corporate culture. The difference is that now industry watchers are voicing overt concerns.

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Boeing Indeed Announces Temporary Suspension of 737 MAX Production With Added Implications

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates the global supply chain management community on yesterday’s decision by Boeing to temporarily suspend monthly production of the 737 MAX aircraft, along with the implications of that decision on the aircraft’s supplier network, on the global manufacturing economy and on the industry as a whole.

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Supply Chain Matters Additional Perspectives Relative to the Boeing 737 MAX Global Aircraft Grounding Crisis

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides another update on the rapidly evolving global developments involving the worldwide grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft after two aircraft tragedies. In this update we explore two significant and ever-changing narratives that will prove to be crucial for moving past this crisis.

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Tesla Motors Production and Supply Chain Challenges Potentially Take a New Turn

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on Tesla’s production and supply chain management ramp-up challenges, new tell-all reports and a report of a building criminal probe related to Model 3 product ramp-up statements that are casting a much more concentrated eye on the electric auto maker’s operations.

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Walmart’s Blockchain Technology Mandate- Have Prior Mandates Provided Industry Learning

Walmart has declared yet another supply network technology mandate and the open question is whether prior learning, technology maturity and needs for industry buy-in have provided necessary learning. In this industry analyst editorial commentary, Supply Chain Matters explores the purpose, actions, industry governance and technology considerations that involve such mandates.

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New ISO Standard to Improve Commerce and Data Integrity

ECCMA (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association) indicates in a recent press release that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland has published ISO 8000-115, a standard for authoritative and verifiable identifiers designed to improve the speed and accuracy of eCommerce and the supply chain. This new standard which was first drafted in 2015, is described as being an integral part of insuring for data quality and a stunning new standard.

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Large Scale Recall of Shelled Eggs in the U.S. Brings Forward Past Incidents

There has been yet another incident involving a large-scale product recall of eggs in the United States due to suspected salmonella. This latest incident follows a spat of separate food related recalls involving salmonella contamination.

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