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Facebook Appearance Before U.S. Congressional Committees Will Have Industry Supply Chain Implications

Today, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will testify before a joint U.S. Congressional Subcommittee amid growing concerns over individual data privacy. What eventually transpires as a result of these latest revelations will likely have indirect or direct impacts on industry supply chain customer data management and ownership practices.

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A Global Boom Period Brings Challenges and Important Signposts

Multi-industry supply chains are experiencing the most robust activity experienced in seven years. At the same time, many that are experienced in boom and bust cycles know all too-well that periods of rapid business expansion bring lots of operational challenges as well as strategic risks, namely that teams take their eye away from very important tactical and strategic transformational imperatives.

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Supply Chain Matters Attendance at 2018 Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Conference- Part Two

Supply Chain Matters continues with coverage of 2018 Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Conference. Part Teo highlights the first full day of conference sessions.

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Ongoing Lessons for the Journey Toward Integrated Customer Response Networks

As readers approach the celebration of 2018 as a new year, Supply Chain Matters shares thoughts related new thinking and concepts related to Digitally-Enabled Customer Response Networks.

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Global Supply Chain Activity Reaching New Highs- Pay Attention to the Caution Signs

The November numbers are in and there is solid evidence that industry supply chains across the globe, with few exceptions, have reached significant highs in manufacturing and supply chain output levels. Industry teams are incredibly busy and optimistic in their planning for 2018. But again, Supply Chain Matters needs to call attention of the caution signposts.

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Revisiting Prior 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Two

Supply Chain Matters continues with reviewing and self-scoring each of the 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains published at the beginning of this year. This Part Two posting provides an assessment of our prediction for a supply chain talent perfect storm and the prediction for added product sourcing challenges due to increased anti-trade actions.

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Supply Chain Matters Highlights of Bristlecone Pulse 2017 Conference

This independent supply chain management industry analyst recently had the opportunity to both attend and participate in the Bristlecone Pulse 2017 conference. This was from my view, one incredible conference of supply chain management thought leadership, one that likely provided attendees a lot of strategies and topics to consider regarding their respective organizational transformational leadership efforts.

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Supply Chain Matters at Oracle Open World- Our Summary Impressions

Supply Chain Matters continues with its series of live dispatches and now initial summary impressions regarding the 2017 Oracle OpenWorld conference held in San Francisco this week. In this summary overview blog commentary, we will take an overall look at four nonstop days of sessions, executive interviews and other interactions to provide our readers a B2B and supply chain management context to this year’s event.

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