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Kroger’s Strategic Move with Ocado- Achieving Online Scale and Competitiveness

Kroger’s announced increased equity stake in in United Kingdom based grocery robotics retailer Ocado Group is yet another indicator of important strategic moves in building out scale and more competitive online customer fulfillment grocery and food retail capability.

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President Trump’s Attacks on Amazon- Leadership is Better Channeled on Fixing U.S. Postal Service Financial Challenges

President Trump has again turned to Twitter, a preferred outreach medium to repeatedly rant on Amazon, and how the online retail giant is ripping off the United States Postal Service (USPS). Supply Chain Matters humbly suggests that the President channel his energies in a far more appropriate direction, providing the leadership and influence to help the USPS to become a modern and competitive agency for this new era of the online economy.

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Two Rather Important Considerations for Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Supply Chain Matters addresses the two important components for digital transformation, one being the advanced technology, the other being ease-of-use, flexibility, and transformation time-to-value. Equal or added weight should be placed on adoption factors and vendors should be selected based on their demonstrated record of accomplishment and understanding.

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Another E-Commerce Business Network Platform Provider is Taken Private

Supply Chain Matters highlights yet another logistics and supply chain technology platform provider being acquired by private equity firms. CommerceHub provides a distributed commerce B2B Business Network connecting supply, demand and delivery helping retailers and brands increase sales by expanding product assortments, promoting products on the channels that perform, and enabling rapid, on-time customer delivery.

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Amazon’s Announced Acquisition of Ring- Supply Chain Matters Initial Viewpoint

Online retailer Amazon announced its intent to acquire video-based doorbell product provider Ring for a reported sum of $1 billion. The obvious question is why Amazon would be willing to invest such a considerable sum in a doorbell provider. The likely answer has a lot to do with the next iterations of online last-mile customer fulfillment along with the leveraging of Internet of Things enabled home and apartment devices.

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Walmart Spooks Investors With Financial Performance Results

Global retailer Walmart reported financial performance for the all-important 2017 holiday fulfillment period and fiscal 2018 and investors were not pleased. Today’s news is yet another indicator of the high growth expectations being placed on online retailers, and the continued challenges in transitioning to a combined online and physical retail fulfillment presence.

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Report That Amazon to Pilot Direct Parcel Transport and Delivery Services

The Wall Street Journal reported, citing informed sources, that Amazon is preparing to launch a parcel delivery service that would position the online retailer to compete directly with FedEx and UPS. Readers of the Supply Chain Matters blog should not at-all be surprised by today’s announcement.

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Supply Chain Matters Attendance at 2018 Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Conference- Part Five Summary Impressions

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides continuing coverage of the 2018 Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Conference. Part Five provides summary highlights and impressions for this year’s event.

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