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The 2020 State of U.S. Logistics- Battered, Broken and Now Resilience Driven

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights and added perspectives to this week’s released 31st Annual State of Logistics Report, prepared by consulting firm Kearney and presented by Penske Logistics. The themes are that of battered, broken and now resilience driven U.S. logistics industry.

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Fast Fashion Creator Zara Begins Pivot to the Future of Post COVID-19 Retailing

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights reports that fast fashion retailer Zara is pivoting its business and supply network response strategy to the future of post COVID-19 retailing.

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COVID-19 Higher Online Shipping Volumes Invoke More Bottlenecks and Added Costs as Carriers Add New Surcharges

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the surge in online ordering activity is taxing carrier networks and performance, and how UPS and FedEx are instituting added surcharges or daily shipping volume restrictions. The result is invariably higher costs for online services for major retailers.

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Target’s Q1 Financial Performance- Prior Investments in Omni Channel Online Fulfillment Capabilities Payoff

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights U.S. retailer Target Corporation’s reported Q1 financial performance that clearly points to online shopping leadership, process and people investments paying off in responding to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Once more, the retailer’s strategic investment in online order fulfillment from individual stores made its mark.

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Review of Q1-2020 Economic and April Supply Chain Activity Levels

The Supply Chain Matters blog features capsule reviews of reported Q1-2020 global economic and April 2020 supply chain activity levels to provide readers broader perspective from a supply chain management lens as to what the post COVID-19 planning and operational environment will present in the coming months

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Amazon Succumbs to Fear Based Buying – Announces Revised Inventory Management Practices and Added Hiring

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a commentary focused on and the online retailer’s succumbing to COVID-19 fear-based buying. Announced are efforts to temporarily revise inventory management policies and add upwards of 100,000 additional workers.

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Announcing General Availability of 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and the Supply Chain Matters blog jointly announce that our annual research report, 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains is now available for complimentary downloading.

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UPS Accelerates Fleet Electrification Efforts with Investment in Arrival Produced EV Vans

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a follow-on to a prior blog highlighting United Parcel Service’s recent 2019 financial performance and revelation of a strong dependency on Amazon, by contrasting a related announcement from UPS on the acceleration of fleet electrification and investment in manufacturer Arrival EV vans.

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Reported U.S. Holiday Fulfillment Retail Sales- How Context is So Important

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the most recent reported data on U.S. holiday fulfillment retail sales, and shares insights relative to evaluating retail sales performance in proper context, consistent assumptions and today’s more advanced, technology-driven supply chain planning and decision-making capabilities.

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Supply Chain Matters 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains Detailed- Part Eight

The Supply Chain Matters provides a series of individual blogs that explore added detail and perspective around each of ten 2020 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains. This particular blog highlights Prediction Eight which relates to the ongoing multiyear transition to Digitally Enabled Response Networks, and Prediction Nine, the ongoing positioning for global online B2C and B2B commerce likely being scaled back or refocused in the coming year.

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