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Looking Back at 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Four

This Supply Chain Matters commentary features the final of a series of commentaries that look back and review 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains that were published by our research arm at the beginning of this year. Our last prediction focused on unique industry-specific challenges in 2018.

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The U.S. Mid-Term Elections: The Next Determinant of Global Trade and Tariff Risks

This Supply Chain Matters blog commentary is penned three days before the mid-term elections in the United States, an election that likely has voters contemplating many issues including a vote on the impacts of tariffs on individual businesses and industries.

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Tesla Motors Production and Supply Chain Challenges Potentially Take a New Turn

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on Tesla’s production and supply chain management ramp-up challenges, new tell-all reports and a report of a building criminal probe related to Model 3 product ramp-up statements that are casting a much more concentrated eye on the electric auto maker’s operations.

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Airbus and Boeing Report Q3-2018 Operational Performance- A Better Picture but Challenges Remain

Both Airbus and Boeing have reported on operational performance and exited the September 2018 quarter showing signs of supply chain recovery, but Airbus continues to deal with the most significant challenge.

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Trade and Tariff Tensions Spawn Different Business and Supply Network Planning Assumptions for 2019

Additional data and reports related to ongoing implications of global trade and tariff tensions will likely lead to added business planning challenges among global supply chain teams for the coming year, and perhaps beyond.

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Tesla’s Q3-2018 Operational Performance Demonstrates Some Progress

While Tesla Motors achieved its third-quarter production milestones, overall operational and delivery challenges remain for the electric auto maker. The Supply Chain Matters blog question is whether new management can once and for all overcome such challenges.

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From NAFTA to USMCA- A Step Back from the Precipice and the Realities of NAFTA 2.0

North America supply chain networks have been granted one huge sign of relief in the announcement of a last-minute trilateral trade deal involving Canada, the United States and Mexico. Attention is now turned to determining the implications and needed changes.

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Optimistic News Relative to Boeing’s 737 MAX Production Challenges

The Supply Chain Matters provides a further update on commercial aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s ongoing efforts to resolve supply network production ramp-up challenges involving the 727 MAX aircraft.

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Global Business and Supply Chain Indices Point to Added Uncertainties

With the current backdrop of increasing global trade and tariff developments has all eyes focused of the ongoing impacts to global supply chain activity levels. The latest July-August 2018 data points to a slight firming of output data but at the same time, increasing uncertainty as to future output impacts.

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Example of Misguided Trade Policy and the Realities of Global Supply Chain Response to Business Needs

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights an example of how misguided trade and tariff policy can impact both a business goal for product availability and a global supply chain capability of a U.S. and global based auto producer.

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