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Supply Chain Matters Top 25 Most Read Blogs During 2020- Part Two

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our annual listing of our most read blog commentaries that were created and published during the year 2020. In this Part Two posting, we highlight in descending order from Number 14 to Number 1 ranked blog content.

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Zara Provides the Benchmark for Supply Chain Digital Transformation

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on retail supply chain icon Inditex and its abilities to once again pivot to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Consumers Have a Role to Play in Reducing Food Waste

The Supply Chain Matters blog features a three-part series exploring the rather significant amount of food waste that occurs across global regions and the role that consumers can play in reducing overall food waste.

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Toyota’s Response to the Auto Industry-Wide Semiconductor Chip Shortage

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a report in indicating how Toyota has modified its just-in-time processes to factor certain supply network risks including the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.

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Lean Manufacturing for Today’s Customer-Driven Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides a guest blog contribution from Richard Lebovitz describing how new Lean thinking, artificial intelligence and connected factory management will lead the new age of manufacturing.

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Auto Industry Semiconductor Shortages- The Challenge of Supply Resiliency and Risk Mitigation

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides additional commentary related to the ongoing global shortage of semiconductor components utilized in automotive manufacturing.

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What to Expect in the New Normal- Fostering More Connected Manufacturing and Supply Network Synchronization

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides added depth to a 2021 prediction for multi-industry supply chains: The need for fostering more connected manufacturing and supply network synchronization.

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2021 Predictions: Fostering Connected Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operational Synchronization

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, via the Supply Chain Matters blog, highlights a specific 2021 prediction for industry supply chains: Fostering Connected Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operational Synchronization.

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Announcing Availability of Podcast Episode 9- The New (Ab) Normal with MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of Episode 9 of our podcasting series: The New (Ab) Normal with MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi, describing specific areas of his newly published and highly rated book of the same name.

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The Multi-Industry Supply Chain Management Themes in 2021

Supply Chain Matters Founder Bob Ferrari outlines the multi-industry supply chain management themes that should be anticipated in the coming year. They include New Thinking, new Definitions and New Directions.

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Global Trade on the Increase and Container Shipping Lines Suddenly Benefit

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an editorial commentary on global container shipping lines financially benefitting from ability to collective cut-back on capacity availability during the COVID-19 disruption that has impacted so many industry supply chains.

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Quantitative Data Addressing the COVID-19 Inventory Policy Vulnerability of Global Based Supply Chains

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a reference to RapidRatings quantitative proprietary data identifying inventory stocking vulnerabilities of suppliers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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