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Demand and Supply Network Challenges Like No Other: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights what many consider as one for what is likely to be one of the most complex logistical undertakings in quite some time, the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine, and how advanced supply chain technologies can play an important role.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Product Launch This Week- The Time of Execution Response is At-Hand

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides commentary reflecting on the potential product demand and supply network challenges related to this week’s formal launch of Apple’s new iPhone 12 product line up.

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COVID-19 Multi-Industry Supply Chain Disruption News Capsule- October 2 2020

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a weekly capsule of news reports that have implications for various industry supply chains. With COVID-19 coronavirus news once again on the rise, we provide this feature to assist our readers in their efforts to keep updated on noteworthy developments.

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The Advent WMS Accelerator Technology- Part Three: Synchronized Logistics and More Integrated Inventory Movements

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides Part Three of an ongoing multi-part series of blog commentaries focused on a more emerging trend related to traditional Warehouse Management System (WMS) applications, the need for what we term as the WMS Accelerator technology. In this update, readers are provided a more in-depth perspectives on increasing needs for synchronized logistics and workflows as well as the types of benefits this technology can provide.

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The Notions of Retailer Target’s Online Fulfillment Business Transformation

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides added commentary to retailer Target’s ability to benefit from a four-year journey of online fulfillment business transformation, while overcoming traditional industry thinking, providing the leadership to make appropriate decisions and the wisdom to stay the course.

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Global Trade on the Increase and Container Shipping Lines Suddenly Benefit

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an editorial commentary on global container shipping lines financially benefitting from ability to collective cut-back on capacity availability during the COVID-19 disruption that has impacted so many industry supply chains.

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Best Buy’s Financial And Operational Results Not Bad Considering Inventory Constraints

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights of electronics and appliances retailer Best Buy’s latest financial and operational results and how this retailer has been able to achieve noteworthy performance despite inventory and physical store constraints.

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Home Improvement Retailer Home Depot Benefits from COVID-19 Demand

The Supply Chain Matters blog calls reader attention to home improvement retailer Home Depot whom this week reported record quarterly sales growth and operational performance.

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Walmart’s Latest Impressive Financial and Operational Performance

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues to highlight for readers the ongoing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most profound of which has the explosion in online buying among global consumers. Highlighted are the quarterly financial and operational performance aspects for retailers Walmart in the latest quarter.

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The Stakes for US Online Retail Dominance Become Far More Visible- The Operational Test

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a follow-up commentary added more perspective to Amazon’s recent blowout financial performance despite significant operational challenges. Further observed is how other online providers who made up-front investments were also able to benefit financially.

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Featuring August 8 2020 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our August 8 2020 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech, a brief synopsis of noteworthy supply chain management focused technology news which we believe would be of specific interest to our global-based blog readership. Included in this edition are noteworthy announcements and/or developments related to GE Aviation, Ernst and Yong,Tive, Blue Yonder, Bristlecone, Resilinc, CreditRisk Monitor, ISMS Applications, KBX Logistics.

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COVID-19 Response for Cleaning and Disinfecting Product Producers- A Mixed Bag for Agility and Pivoting- Part Two

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides the first of a two-part series highlighting supply chain response for certain cleaning and disinfecting product producers, including Procter and Gamble, GOJO Industries and Clorox, in efforts either undertaken or constrained to be able to support opportunistic product demand and make a difference for business results.

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