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Added PPE Shortages Across the United States- A Time for Intervention

In this Supply Chain Matters posting we address the reappearance of critical shortages of medical treatment PPE supplies as COVID-19 virus occurrences continue to spike among certain U.S. States. We advocate that the U.S. must consider a national supply network strategy for deemed critical healthcare delivery support needs.

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Highlights of the Kinaxis Planning for the New Normal Online Event

The Supply Chain Matters blog shares highlights of the Kinaxis Big Ideas in Supply Chain Conference- Planning for the New Normal online event held last week.

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Aerospace and Defense Industry B2B Technology Platform Provider Exostar Acquired

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the announcement of the acquisition of aerospace, defense and life sciences B2B industry platform provider Exostar LLC. A background and initial impressions perspective is provided by supply chain industry analyst and Executive Editor Bob Ferrari.

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COVID-19 Disruption: Review of First Quarter 2020 Industry Supply Chain Response

The Supply Chain Matters blog features capsule reviews of reported Q1-2020 industry financial and business challenges to provide readers broader perspective from a supply chain management lens as to what the post COVID-19 planning and operational environment will present in the coming months.

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Saluting COVID-19 Supply Chain Heroes: Employees of Braskem America Marcus Hook PA Facility

The Supply Chain Matters extends a salute to the employees of the Braskem petrochemical plant in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, who were profiled in a published report by The Washington Post for working 28 straight days around the clock, during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, to produce critically important polypropylene raw material used in the manufacture of medical PPE products including N95 grade masks

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COVID-19: Snippets of Added Industry and Global Supply Chain Learning

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides readers snippets of added industry and global supply chain learning related to consumer products, healthcare and drug, and online customer fulfillment customer demand and supply networks.

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Major Supply Chain Disruption- History is Often a Prevailing Reference

This Supply Chain Matters blog serves as a reference sidebar to our ongoing coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic’s impact on industry and global supply chains. History is often prevailing in providing a reference to past events either with similar characteristics, or in conditions that were prevalent long before the current disruption.

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Healthcare Supply Chains- The Critical Link in COVID-19 Virus Containment and Treatment: What Have We Learned and a Call to Action

Supply Chain Matters Editor Bob Ferrari provides added editorial focus to healthcare related supply chains as the critical link in ongoing COVID-19 virus containment and treatment needs. This commentary is a call to action for sharing acquired learning ad addressing the process and technology needs of future healthcare supply networks.

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COVID-19: The Condition is Flashing Urgent for Healthcare Supply Chain Prioritization Across the United States

The Supply Chain Matters blog issues a plea to U.S. government leaders indicating that time is crucial for manufacturing and supply chain resources to be prioritized across the United States to provide essential healthcare delivery products to combat the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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One Quantification of Supply Chain Planning Technology Usage During COVID-19 Supply Chain Response

The Supply Chain Matters blog makes reference to a blog commentary published by supply chain technology provider Kinaxis, that quantifies the spike in usage encountered during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

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Efforts Underway to Expand COVID-19 Response Availability of Critically Needed Healthcare Products and Materials

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues in supporting the need for sharing of critical and important information related to multi-industry supply chain networks, and specifically supply chains of critically needed healthcare treatment personal protection and treatment materials needs. Both physical and digital response are coming together to try to address the shortage gaps.

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