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Chinese Branded Railcars and Buses- A Potential Different U.S. Market Presence and Lost Opportunity

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides a further update to our ongoing five-year streaming commentary related to Chinese branded railcars making an opportunistic market presence among U.S. public transit systems.

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A Significant Week in Global Supply and Demand Network Related Developments

The Supply Chain Matters blog reports highlights of significant global supply network developments that occurred this week that should capture the attention of multi-industry supply chain leaders and their respective organizations.

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Breaking News- United States to Reportedly Announce Lifting of Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Involving Canada and Mexico

Business network CNBC, citing two informed sources, is reporting that the United States has reached a deal to lift existing steel and aluminum tariffs involving Canada and Mexico imports. This development is tied to removing a key obstacle in achieving ratification of the recently negotiated United States Canada Mexico Trade Agreement (USMCA).

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Breaking: China and U.S. Trade Talks Now at Impasse

Ongoing trade talks between China and the United States broke-off this afternoon without a basis of agreement. With additional tariffs now imposed by the Trump Administration, businesses and their respective supply and demand networks must now be prepared for additional fallout.

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Supply Chain Matters Highlights of the Oracle Modern Business Experience Conference- Part Four

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a series of highlights and insights from attendance at the 2019 Oracle Modern Business Experience (MBX) conference. Part Four updates readers on the Supply Chain Executive Summit event held in conjunction with MBX.

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Chinese Branded Subway Cars in U.S. Transit Systems- 2019 Provides Changing Perspectives

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides our initial 2019 update on ongoing developments related to Chinese branded subway cars appearing in U.S. transit systems, and the now changing perspectives brought about by ongoing trade tensions among two countries.

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Breaking- U.S. and Mexico Announce Bi-Lateral Trade Agreement

Supply Chain Matters provides a breaking news commentary to our ongoing updates and insights related to global trade and tariff tensions. Both the U.S. and Mexico announced today a bi-lateral trade agreement paving the way for Canada to participate in a NAFTA replacement trade agreement. President Trump however, is calling for renaming of this agreement, to obliterate the former connotation.

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U.S. Congress is Debating Legislation to Ban Chinese Branded Railcars from Government Procurement Contracts

A report indicates that the U.S. Congress is moving along legislation that could ban the production of Chinese branded railcars in the United States. From our lens, the legislation is yet another effect of escalating trade tensions, and how politically-motivated actions subsume industry market forces.

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Report Indicating that General Electric Indeed Plans to Pare Down Digital Business Unit

There is a reported significant development in the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Industrial Internet technology market segment, indicating that General Electric plans to shed parts of its GE Digital business unit.

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Supply Chain Matters Insights from the Global Trade War Front- July 20, 2018 Edition

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides our July 20 weekly update and insights commentary on the pace and impact of global trade and tariff events impacting global and industry supply chains.

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General Electric's Announced Transportation Unit Merger Brings Added IoT Connected Equipment Opportunity

Supply Chain Matters highlights the announcement by General Electric indicating that it will merge its locomotive focused transportation business with Wabtec Corp. For us, the opportunity is focused on potential impacts and/or added opportunities related to GE’s ongoing Industrial Internet and Connected Things strategies.

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Airbus Remains Challenged with Aircraft Engine Deliveries

Commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus continues to manage the weakest and most visible link in the widely popular A320neo supply chain, that being consistent shipments of the two options of high technology fuel-efficient aircraft engines.

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