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The Next Challenge for Supply Chain Management Teams- The Holiday Fulfillment Quarter Begins

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides commentary related to the start of the 2020 holiday fulfillment quarter, one that provides high stakes and increased challenges for industry supply chain management teams and associated services providers. A looming unknown remains the COVID-19 disruption in all of its associated implications.

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COVID-19 Multi-Industry Supply Chain Disruption News Capsule- October 2 2020

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a weekly capsule of news reports that have implications for various industry supply chains. With COVID-19 coronavirus news once again on the rise, we provide this feature to assist our readers in their efforts to keep updated on noteworthy developments.

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Carriers Putting an Added Cost Squeeze to Online Commerce and Retail Providers

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a commentary reflecting on reports of carriers putting an additional cost squeeze to online commerce and retail providers. With shipment volumes expected to continue to increase in the coming moths, the economic and service implications are worrisome.

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Supply Chain Matters Guest Commentary: Building, Not Breaking the Supply Chain Backbone

The Supply Chain Matters blog features a guest commentary contribution on the topic of building a supply chain foundation contributed by Troy Hicks, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Supply Planning for Herbalife Nutrition.

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Report of U.S. Wide Inventory Stock Out Challenges for Consumer-Packaged Goods

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a side panel follow-up to our previously published blog, indicating that in the light of a now expanding COVID-19 infection surge underway within certain parts of the United States a corresponding but very related shortage of consumer product goods is occurring in retail channels.

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McCormick and Company’s Supply Chain Responds to the COVID-19 Disruption

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights how condiment and spice provider McCormick and Company’s supply chain responded to the COVID-19 disruption and made a difference in Q2 financial performance.

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COVID-19: Snippets of Added Industry and Global Supply Chain Learning

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides readers snippets of added industry and global supply chain learning related to consumer products, healthcare and drug, and online customer fulfillment customer demand and supply networks.

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Featuring December 20 2019 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our December 20, 2019 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech, a brief synopsis of noteworthy supply chain management focused technology news which we believe would be of specific interest to our global-based blog readership. Included in this edition are noteworthy announcements and/or developments related to: GLC, Intel and Habana Labs, Pattonair, Ahold Delhaize USA.

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More Episodes of Romaine Lettuce Contamination Across the U.S.: What is Advanced Technology’s Purpose?

Supply chain management technology industry analyst and Supply Chain Matters Editor Bob Ferrari, provides a commentary reflecting on the multiple romaine lettuce product contamination incidents and subsequent product recalls that have occurred in the U.S., and the specific role of advanced supply chain technologies in addressing this challenging and perplexing problem.

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