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Supply Chain Matters Insights from the Global Trade War Front- July 20, 2018 Edition

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides our July 20 weekly update and insights commentary on the pace and impact of global trade and tariff events impacting global and industry supply chains.

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The Amazon Effect Takes on Broader Cloud IT and Online Retail Industry Scalability Dimensions

The termed “Amazon Effect” takes on many dimensions not only from the all-important retail industry business and supply chain impacts, but in broader dimensions as-well. That increasingly includes both changes in Cloud computing platform selection and signs that Amazon’s own IT systems have new vulnerabilities

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Supply Chain Matters Highlights and Insights from the Global Trade War Front- July 13, 2018

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides our July 13 weekly update and insights commentary on the pace and impact of global trade and tariff events impacting global supply chains. Events continue to move rather quickly, and we will provide updates and insights on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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Tesla Achieves Crucial Model 3 Production Milestone in Q2- But With Extraordinary Effort

Electric powered automaker Tesla completed Q2-2018 achieving its critical milestone of producing over 5000 Model 3 vehicles in one week. However, from our Supply Chain Matters lens, the achievement was hollow, and not reflective of a sustained production cadence under predictive cost controls.

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Supply Chain Matters Weekly Trade and Tariff Commentary

Events on the global trade and tariff front are moving at such a rapid rate, that the Supply Chain Matters blog has elected to provide a weekly update commentary, starting this week.

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Amazon’s Latest Announcements in Last-Mile Logistics Have Strategic Purpose

Amazon made some noteworthy announcements that should capture the attention of our readers. Similar to its unveiling of the first branded Prime air cargo aircraft in the summer of 2016, these new announcements are the forerunner to a broader unfolding strategy for branded direct parcel and package delivery capabilities that provide more personalized services and added options for controlling the full customer fulfillment process.

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Today is Groundbreaking for Foxconn’s Proposed U.S. Manufacturing Facility

President Donald Trump visits Wisconsin today to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for Foxconn’s announced investment in a $10 billion electronics manufacturing facility in southwest Wisconsin. Today’s ceremony comes with a lot of undertones.

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Foxconn’s Equity Investment in Vizio- Supply Chain and Manufacturing Play

An Asian based publication reported last week that global contract electronics provider Foxconn, and its LCD panel manufacturing arm Innolux, have acquired equity stakes in North America based television brand Vizio. This move has significance expanding the consumer electronics supply chain ecosystem in the U.S. for the production and assembly of televisions.

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Airbus Once Again Threatens Impacts of a Hard Brexit

UK based The Guardian reports that European based commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus has confirmed that the company has undertaken serious consideration regarding the sourcing of aircraft wing manufacturing among British factories because of the continued lack of clarity relative to Brexit consultations.

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