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Sharing Initial Impressions of SAP’s Sapphire NOW Annual Customer Conference

Supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari shares first impressions related to last week’s SAP SE Sapphire Now customer conference which was held in a live, online format. The conference did not get off to a positive start.

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Prioritizing Applications Software and Technology Investments for the COVID-19 New Normal

In this Supply Chain Matters business process and technology focused commentary, we assess the supply chain management implications brought to reality by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and all to likely business and operational planning challenges in navigating decision-making needs during very uncertain and constantly changing industry and business environments.

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Koch Industries Completes Acquisition of Cloud ERP and B2B Supply Chain Technology Provider Infor

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on the February announced acquisition of Cloud ERP provider Infor by Koch Industries, and this week’s report that the transaction has been completed. What the now Koch Industries technology strategy implies for existing Infor customers is yet to be succinctly communicated, and the commentary summarizes the components.

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Oracle Postpones Planned March Modern Business Experience Conference- Other Alernatives

The Supply Chain Matters blog alerts readers to the announced postponement of the upcoming Oracle Modern Business Experience Conference (MBX), and shares with readers that the blog will still provide highlights of what have been some key supply chain management technology and applications messages and takeaways of this conference.

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What Does SAP’s 2019 Financial Performance Portend for ERP and Supply Chain Management Technology Customers

In the light of SAP SE’s 2019 financial and business segment performance, the Supply Chain Matters blog focuses on what SAP’s future financial and operational performance metrics portend for SAP’s ERP and supply chain management focused customers and support partners in the coming months.

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Standard Chartered and Infor Announce Partnership to Leverage B2B Supply Chain Platform

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights this week’s announcement from global financial services banking firm Standard Chartered regarding a strategic agreement to introduce the B2B supply chain focused Infor Nexus network to the Bank’s clients as a means to facilitate digitizing the financial supply chain.

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Koch Industries to Acquire Cloud ERP and B2B Supply Chain Technology Provider Infor

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights this week’s stunning announcement that Koch Industries will effectively acquire controlling interest in Cloud ERP and B2B Supply Chain technology provider Infor. The moves presents a number of open questions and an unchartered business model in the existing world of enterprise wide technology.

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Rapidly Changing Business and Supply Chain Landscapes Require Transformational Technology Approaches

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the realities of accelerated clock speed of business change occurring among multi-industry supply chain management landscapes and how application systems and data management impacts are overlooked or underweighted. An argument is made for consideration for upgrading to Cloud and SaaS based applications and IT infrastructure.

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Featuring January 10 2020 Edition of This Week In Supply Chain Management Tech

The Supply Chain Matters blog features our January 10 2020 Edition of This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech, a brief synopsis of noteworthy supply chain management focused technology news which we believe would be of specific interest to our global-based blog readership. Included in this edition are noteworthy announcements and/or developments related to: EcoVadis, Vecna Robotics, Iptor.

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