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IMF Raises Global Economic Forecast- Implications for Global Supply Chain Management Teams

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the latest revised April global economic forecast and the implications for global supply chain management teams.

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March 2021 PMI Data- Global Production at Full Throttle While Disruption and Warning Signs Abound

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights March 2021 global manufacturing and supply chain activity level reporting and current trending relative global product demand and supply networks. The overall message is that global supply chain activity is now at full throttle with headwinds and disruption abounding.

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Nationwide Trucking Firm JB Hunt’s Decision to Adopt Adopting Google Cloud

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights nationwide trucking firm JB Hunt’s decision to adopt more sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities and the implications of building technology arms race that impacts transportation networks and shippers.

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Lean Manufacturing for Today’s Customer-Driven Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides a guest blog contribution from Richard Lebovitz describing how new Lean thinking, artificial intelligence and connected factory management will lead the new age of manufacturing.

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Responses and Actions to Higher Global Transportation Costs

The Supply Chain Matters blog adds further dimensions of the actions that industry supply chain management teams must take to manage today’s exploding global transportation costs.

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Transportation and Logistics Carriers Benefit in Profits at Expense of Shippers

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights evidence of transportation and logistics carriers financially benefiting in profits and the expense of shippers.

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Semi-Annual Forecast Reflects Optimism on the Part of Procurement Executives

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights the view of procurement executives reflected in the latest ISM Semiannual Economic Forecast.

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What Should Supply Chain Management Teams Expect in the Coming Year: Global Economic and Financial Forecasts

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides Part Two highlights of the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group’s 2021 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains, summarizing global economic and business outlooks for the coming year.

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Highlighting Select COVID-19 Multi-Industry Supply Chain Survey Data

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights for readers two recent quantitative surveys that have caught our attention relative to identifying specific multi-industry supply chain impacts as a result of the COVID-19 disruption.

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Reports Indicate Foxconn Does Not Qualify for Proposed U.S. Production Financial Incentives

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on reports indicating global high-tech electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn’s proposed investment in U.S. based manufacturing is now under the looking glass as an industrial development agency representing the State of Wisconsin has indicated this week that the contract manufacturing has not met outlined conditions for receiving State monetary incentives.

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Announcing Published Research Advisory- New Rules for Supply Chain Insights, Collaboration and Resiliency

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, via the Supply Chain Matters blog, announces the general availability of a new technology focused market education Research Advisory: New Rules for Supply Chain Insights, Collaboration and Overall Resiliency. Operations and supply chain management teams now, more than ever, need to be prepared for a post-pandemic industry and business environment where change and disruption will likely be a constant.

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Workforce Realignment and Restructuring Across Global Logistics and Retail Customer Fulfillment

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights announcements, each within a one-week period, with a common theme of technology driven workforce realignment. These announcements involve global container shipping line Maersk, parcel delivery provider UPS, physical store and online customer fulfillment last-mile delivery involving Amazon and Walmart. The pervasive movement toward online driven fulfillment has many implications and many interpretations, and these types of announcements will likely continue.

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