In our coverage of challenges and learning among aerospace supply chains, we have featured commentaries related to industry dominants Airbus and Boeing, as well as those attempting new innovation such as Bombardier.  Our Supply Chain Matters coverage of the C-series program dates back to 2010 as the company’s Aerospace Group Bombardier C-Series First maiden Flightcranked-up efforts to introduce a technologically advanced single-aisle aircraft, termed the C-Series that could compete with industry dominants Airbus and Boeing in the smaller single-aisle aircraft segment. Bombardier embarked on a huge strategic gamble with the supply chain deployment and market launch of the new and innovative C-Series aircraft which was originally slated for market introduction in 2013.

Earlier this year, the program experienced a noteworthy setback resulting in a nine-month delay for the program due to a malfunction concerning the aircraft’s technologically advanced power plant. Since that time, program management and global supply chain teams have been working to resolve issues and move the C-Series forward.

Bombardier has now demonstrated what we believe was a rather effective use of social media based product marketing.  The company utilized Twitter to broadcast a video link featuring program vice-president Rob Dewer, narrating a visual status report of the program.  The video, which can be accessed by double-clicking here, speaks for itself and provides a good example on how to get the word out on program progress. It further points out the important coordinated contributions being made by all production, design engineering and supply chain teams.

How did you respond to this video? Do you view it as an effective means of brand marketing?  Do you believe that senior management within your industry is open to such efforts?

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