When it rains it pours, and when a company has difficulties with meeting delivery schedules, it seems that it can be constantly pouring.  So it is with Boeing.

The Wall Street Journal reported in its Saturday edition that Luxembourg’s Cargolux Airlines International SA called off plans to take delivery of the revamped Boeing 747-8 cargo jetliner. The new 747-8 is the predecessor to the 747-400 and has also been beset with production and design issues, causing this aircraft to be two years behind its original schedule.

A Boeing spokesperson indicated Friday that events scheduled for this coming Monday for the cargo operator to take delivery of the aircraft had been cancelled “due to unresolved issues with” the customer. Cargolux has 13 of the new 747’s currently on-order.

The WSJ was quick to remind readers that Boeing is more than three years late with the 787 Dreamliner program which still expects to deliver to its initial customer, All Nippon Airways later this month.

Bob Ferrari