About a month ago, I penned a post regarding Boeing and the ongoing lessons on managing risk across a rather complex global supply chain.    We pointed out the importance for adopting the appropriate management processes to monitor and buffer complex risk across the global supplier network, as well as some evidence of different views among Boeing senior management.

It was therefore interesting to note through both recent postings at the Chicago Tribune online, as well as an article in the Wall Street Journal Online (subscription required), that Boeing senior management has publicly acknowledged the importance of proper alignment in supply chain strategy. “We should be managing the supply chain as if corporate borders do not exist”, indicated CEO James McNerney, “we still believe that the global supply chain model is the way to do this.  We just didn’t get it right the first time.”

As pointed out in our original post on this topic, Airbus was able to move on from its near fatal supply chain issues when its CEO acknowledged that blame was not cast on any one group, that the problem was acknowledged with transparent communications, and would be resolved in a supplier team focused  environment. This author trusted that Boeing and its supplier teams would address their risk challenge in a similar positive manner.  Supply Chain Matters applauds Boeing CEO McNerney and other senior managers in now taking this series of positive steps.

Bob Ferrari