The Supply Chain Matters blog announces availability of podcast Episode 11Discussing Business Process and Enterprise Technology Trends with Vinnie Mirchandani.

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Our guest is the CEO of Deal Architect, a top advisory boutique recognized in The Black Book of Outsourcing where he has helped clients in various technology projects valued at over $ 10 billion. He is author of widely praised books on technology enabled innovation, that include The New Polymath, Silicon Collar and the SAP Nation series. Vinnie is prolific in his content creation, with over 10,000 blog posts about technology-enabled innovation at New Florence, New Renaissance blogs and about waste in technology on the Deal Architect blog. Vinnie has been an analyst at Gartner, and a partner with PwC Consulting. He has keynoted at many business and technology conferences and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Financial Times, CIO Magazine, and other executive and technology publications.

In our podcast discussion, we discuss ERP Cloud applications, Cloud infrastructure and B2B platforms, technology trends to be watchful for during 2021.

We specifically exchange observations on SAP SE, and what we foresee SAP accomplishing this year, given the current global economic environment, as well as the recently announced SAP RISE initiative, and what to expect from that program.

Finally, we discuss the continuing active investment, IPO or M&A activities occurring specifically in the supply chain management technology landscape and what to anticipate in this area.

This is again a highly interactive 30-minute session.

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