We call Supply Chain Matters reader attention to an important announcement by The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIOT). The organization announced the publication of the new white paper, IIC Introduction to Edge Computing in IIOT with a purpose to provide practical guidance on edge computing, architectures and building blocks necessary for Industrial Internet technology implementations.
The paper’s purpose is to target technical community readers, specifically system and component architects, developers, and integrators, on the functional and implementation viewpoints on ongoing Edge Computing architecture principles. It includes definitions of Edge from an architectural perspective, an argument as to why compute at the Edge, along with some use case examples. Conclusions point to the fact that is was becoming apparent that an industry  “one-size-fits-all” approach has never been adequate for IIoT, and that system designers always know where the edge boundary resides.
One other important section relates to the security considerations of Edge Computing, which continue to be rather important for addressing pilot customer concerns and deployment needs.
One rather important observation brought forward by the paper’s authors:
The challenge for developers and administrators is to understand not only the physical requirements of their applications (computing inputs, outputs, connectivity, etc.), but also the security and processing requirements and how those requirements translate to different CPU and OS types. Industry standard calculations and metrics may be required.”
Supply Chain Matters has previously predicted that IoT and Edge Computing initiatives would stall without effectively addressing growing data and information security concerns of businesses.
The download web link to the paper: Introduction to Edge Computing in IIoT, can be accessed via the IIC press announcement.
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