An ongoing challenge for many strategic sourcing and procurement selection teams is coming up with an objective process for weighting the alternatives for pressing business process change with technology choice options.  The challenge often comes down to the options for selecting additional available functionality in a resident ERP system, the good enough option, or selecting a best-of-breed vendor offering.  To that end, we want to alert our Supply Chain Matters readers to a newly research document produced by our research arm, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, which I have personally authored.

The title of the document is: When it Comes to ERP Systems- Is Good Enough’ – Good Enough? and this document is now available for free download in our Supply Chain Matters Research Center. We only request that you provide basic contact information. After you provide contact information, an email will be sent that contains the web link for downloading the document. Please note that it is a Supply Chain Matters policy to not sell access to our email distribution listings nor subject your email address to a constant blasting of promotional emails until you have no choice but to scream and unsubscribe.

In this research, I uncover the challenges occurring among technology selection teams in balancing the needs for more responsive and cost effective business and supply chain management processes with those of balancing the needs for IT efficiency and utilization of resources.  The paper provides teams with some helpful methodology along with aides and templates for the objective weighting of business process requirements and IT system selection criteria that can aide in the evaluation process.

If your organization is either thinking of investing in advanced sourcing and procurement technology or is currently bogged-down in the overall selection process, we believe that you will find the content and methodologies provided to be very helpful.

As always, after reading and adsorbing the content, we encourage your feedback, viewpoints as well as your experiences regarding the challenge of weighting ERP vs. best-of-breed choices.

Bob Ferrari