Just about one year since the first anniversary of the devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck northern Japan, there are yet new earthquakes occurring in the region.  At least three new earthquakes impacted areas of Japan earlier today.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, an initial magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred near Hokkaido Island, 146 miles south of Kushiro in the far northern region. This quake occurred six miles below the sea surface and triggered a small tsunami that caused minimal damage. Initial tsunami warnings forced evacuations of some coastal regions.

A second 6.1 magnitude quake occurred off the coast of Chiba just east of Tokyo, where a moderately strong 5.7 quake had occurred three hours earlier.  The 6.1 quake was estimated to be 9 miles below sea level.  Two runways at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport were temporarily closed for inspection along with suspension of bullet train service.

An International Business Times posting provides video and news reporting of these incidents.

Reports from each of the impacted regions initially indicate minimal property damage.

These continued earthquake occurrences add more anxiety, not only for the people of Japan who have already endured the suffering of the aftereffects of last year’s disaster. but also manufacturers and their supply chains originating from the impacted regions.

Supply chain teams need to continue to closely monitor Japan in light of continued occurrences of tremors and aftershocks.