From the Editors Desk:

The month of January provided an incredibly busy month of content publishing here on the Supply Chain Matters blog. The principle reason was the unveiling and subsequent deep-dives into our 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains along with other content related to end-of-year performance in different industry sectors. The month also provided a new milestone.  Supply Chain Matters Blog

I am now pleased to share that January brought record-setting readership volumes for this blog. In all, this sight experienced more than 66,000 visits in January, over 23,000 of which were unique visitors, those who visited for the first time. The site served-up more than 165,000 pages averaging 2.48 pages per visit.  Average reader time was 5.6 minutes.

The top most-read blog during the month was, to little surprise, our initial unveiling of all 2017 Predictions which garnered in-excess of 2400 reader views.

All this January activity represents our highest one month total, since our founding in 2008.

We trust our readers have gained insights and benefits from this content. I want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for your loyal following and continued support. For those who are new visitors, thank you and please return.

To all our readers, let us know what other topics you wish the blog to comment upon.

In just a few days we will feature some new announcements including the introduction of a returning sponsor.

In the meantime, this blog’s chosen theme remains that supply chains and supply chain management, done appropriately, does matter.


Bob Ferrari, Founder, and Executive Editor

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